What is the best type of electronic cigarette to buy?

With the development of modern science, electronic cigarettes were born and become increasingly popular because of their “divine” ability to replace traditional cigarettes. Not only providing an authentic experience, the texture of the vape minimizes the toxicity from ordinary smoke.

However, choosing an affordable and quality e-cigarette is never easy. In today’s diverse and rich vape market, which type of e-cigarette should we buy? Let’s find the answer together through the following article!

Current types of electronic cigarettes

With the rapid development of e-cigarettes, more and more types of vape are born to meet the needs of users. Based on each specific drug line, vapes are classified and called by different names, the most popular of which are Vape, Pod System or IQOS. All of these products work on the same mechanism: a smart board setup that generates steam from the vaporization of essential oils. This is the source of the thick, smooth smoke vapers exhale after each smoke. So what is the difference between each of these typical vape types?


This is considered as the most primitive version of the electronic cigarette on the market, and is also a widely-covered product, trusted by a large number of customers at the present time. The operation of this type of vape is quite simple: You just need to add essential oils and adjust through the button system. The combustion chamber will do the job of heating the essential oil and converting it into thick, flavorful smoke.

Vape is always the first choice of smoke players, or those who love pure natural scents.

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Pod System

When carrying a lot of accessories became a drawback of Vape, the Pod System was created with the purpose of overcoming the above problem. The entire bulky design will be gone, replaced by minimalist details, making the Pod System the size of a ballpoint pen, a cigar.

When compared to the Vape brother, the advantage of the Pod System is that the Pod System uses a different type of Juice, with a very high percentage of nicotine. Therefore, the feeling it brings is extremely satisfying, each thick smoke will make it difficult for you to stop!

What kind of vape to buy?
Pod System is streamlined design

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The Land of the Rising Sun – Japan is a pioneer in the production of this vape. Unlike other e-cigarettes, IQOS has a much lower burning temperature. The reason is because this type of vape does not burn the cigarette, but only heats it to produce smoke, thereby limiting the unpleasant odor like traditional cigarettes. The new experience that IQOS brings will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

The variety in classifications makes vapers ponder which type of e-cigarette to buy . Of the three brightest faces above, the most popular must be named Vape and Pod System. These are two types that are quite easy to use, suitable for those who are just starting to experience e-cigarettes. And if you are the type of person who likes new things, boldly close an order for an IQOS child to adventure with the unique technology it possesses.

Between pod system and vape, which one should you choose?

Pod System and Vape are two serious competitors in the e-cigarette village when they are often placed on the comparison table. It is impossible to conclude which vape line is better, because it completely depends on the standards, preferences and needs of each type of customer. Vape and Pod System will dominate in different aspects, respectively. So to make the choice of which type of e-cigarette to buy , you need to determine the desired smoking style, the amount of nicotine, the amount of smoke you need.

If you prefer natural flavors or don’t require too much nicotine, Vape will be the right choice for you. Because of its ability to create a lot of smoke, this type of electronic cigarette offers an extremely authentic, eye-catching experience when smoking. Owning a full Vape Kit is a short way to help you relieve stress, extremely refreshing every time you use it.

On the other hand, the Pod System offers the convenience of less bulky accessories, and the price is also more affordable than Vape. This type of e-cigarette will be suitable for those who need to “infuse” nicotine continuously, want to enjoy each puff of delicious smoke, rich in flavor.

The choice of which type out of the 2 bright candidates above completely depends on your personal criteria. Consider the Pod System if you like strong nicotine, and the Vape team if you like thick smoke with natural flavors. For starters, in order not to be confused, you can try both the Pod System and the Vape. Maybe you will find “true love” right from the first breath?

What type of electronic cigarette should I buy?

You want to try a good vape experience but are wondering which type of e-cigarette to buy ? Then feel free to put all your worries aside and read the rest of this article at the end. The popular e-cigarettes listed below are most likely the right choice for you.

best vape types to buy
Which type of electronic cigarette is good?

Vape Ego One CT

This is a newly improved vape line, adding Ni mode for a better smoking style. Ego One CT is always on the favorite list of many vapers thanks to its impressive design and outstanding personality colors. Another advantage to mention is the automatic temperature change function, which helps protect customers from burning mouth when using.

The kit of Ego One CT will include 1 atomizer 0.25 ohm Ni and 2 atomizer 1.0 ohm, 0.5 ohm. With only a price of about 1,250,000 VND, you can own yourself a stylish, full-featured Ego One CT vape. So why not bring a kid to the team right away?

Vape Dlink Rocky

Another perfect answer to the question of which e-cigarette to buy is the Dlink Rocky vape. The advantages of this e-cigarette line are many, such as eye-catching appearance, available three levels of essential oils (light – medium – heavy), … and other special functions, suitable for all user object.

Each Dlink Rocky product is equipped with two simple but impressive black and white cigarettes. The body of the cigarette is made of alloy, adding to the elegance of the overall vape. You can also monitor the battery level or the amount of steam being sucked through the high-end LED light mounted on the body of the cigarette. It’s convenient and “lemon discharge”, isn’t it? This e-cigarette is being widely sold with an average cost of only 1,600,000 VND/pack.

Vape Ego One Mega

Are you a fan of the dense vapors of cigarette smoke? Trying to figure out which e-cigarette to buy to satisfy your nicotine cravings? Then the Ego One Mega is the vape made for you. This electronic cigarette is equipped with a “buffalo” battery that can be used for many hours without needing to be charged. Eye-catching shapes, elegant colors are also a big plus of this modern vape line. There are two popular ways to experience Ego One Mega: sucking with the mouth and then sucking the smoke indirectly or sucking the smoke directly when using. The price of this super product vape is about 1,500,000 VND!

Vape Joyetech-eCab

If other vape lines are favored by a somewhat “terrorist” appearance, Joyetech-eCab scores again by its compact design, simulating an office fountain pen. This advantage makes it very convenient for users to carry their vape “around the world”. This line of electronic cigarettes also has many different color versions, from neutral white – black – silver to vibrant pink and red.

This “small but mighty” vape also comes with a modern battery system, allowing it to be used many times with a short charging time. Besides, Joyetech-eCab is also integrated with a smart essential oil compartment, helping you to change it quickly when needed. To be able to own this cool product, vapers will have to spend from 1,400,000 VND – 1,500,000 VND. A fairly reasonable price compared to the quality that Joyetech-eCab brings.

Vape Ruyan

Vape Ruyan has always been one of the “trumps” from Golden Dragon Group Ltd. When you are used to traditional cigarettes and need to find a new feeling, this vape will become the optimal choice. Ruyan is receiving great love not only in Vietnam but also in many other markets around the world such as the UK, France, the US, China, etc. This is quite understandable because this vape line has a slim appearance, elongated suitable for those who want to use daily, anytime, anywhere.

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Vape ERoll-Sang

The last vape line on the list of nominees today is ERoll-Sang – representing class and sophistication. With a capacity of up to 2600mA, you can comfortably use this vape for a long time without worrying about recharging. The most outstanding feature of ERoll-Sang is the ability to create extremely thick, smooth and non-toxic smoke. With this electronic cigarette in hand, we can confidently do a few things in crowded places without affecting the surrounding environment.

With the above detailed and useful sharing, hopefully vapers have found the answer to which type of e-cigarette to buy . To have the best experience when using e-cigarettes, don’t be afraid to spend time researching and choosing a suitable and quality Vapechinhhang line. Be alert so you don’t have to buy fake goods, substandard counterfeit goods, affecting your health!

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