What is Tank Vape? Learn about the principle of operation and how to use

What is a vape tank , what are the types of vape tanks on the market today and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each type. Vapechinhang.com will help you better understand vape tanks and how to choose quality vape types suitable for each type of vape in the article below.

1. What is a vape tank?

Vape tanks , also known as burners, are an important and indispensable part of a vape device, vape tanks often come with coils.

However, you can understand that a vape tank is a combustion chamber using the manufacturer’s built-in build. The outstanding advantage of a vape tank is that it is already made by manufacturers and just needs to be installed to be used. Therefore, vape players do not necessarily know how to build coils or change vape cotton. After a period of use, if the tank is old and dirty, causing the smell of essential oil to burn, vape players just need to remove the old tank and buy a new tank to install it.

The best definition of Tank Vape
Definition of Tank Vape

2. What are the different types of vape tanks?

After knowing what a vape tank is , we will introduce you to the types of vape tanks on the market today as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each for you to compare and find the right tank for you.

– Tank OCC

Tank OCC is a tank built by the manufacturer


+ Convenient and easy to use, if your vape tank is old and broken, just buy an OCC tank and install it to be able to use it.

+ OCC tank players do not need to know how to build coils or change cotton for vape.

Anyone who has or has never used vape can use it.


+ The price is not cheap.

+ Can not disassemble and replace new coils, but can only buy and replace new coils when the old coil is damaged.

+ The old coils when the manufacturer stops producing, can only be replaced with a new vape.

==> Suitable for all people who are new to playing or know how to play.

– Tank RDA

It is a buildable type of combustion chamber, which means that vape players can disassemble the combustion chamber to build a new coil and replace it with a new one when the coil is old and burnt, making the taste of the vape no longer standard. RDA cares for oil by dripping directly into the container and without a chamber.

Tank RDA
Tank RDA


+ Users can adjust the amount of essential oil more or less to create a strong or light vape flavor according to their preferences.

+ Easy to build coil and change cotton

+ Have to take care of the oil many times, new players may choke on the taste and do not know how to take care of the oil and take care of the oil over a lot.

+ If you are not used to playing, you may be sucked in essential oils, so your mouth will be

==> Suitable for people who already have certain knowledge about vape.

– Tank RDTA

Tank RDTA is a combination of 2 versions RDA AND RTA in 1 combustion chamber. You can understand it as an RDA but there is an additional oil chamber below.


Easy to build coil, wide deck build burner.

Cool and easy to change cotton

Lots of smoke and can be adjusted to your liking

No need to take care of essential oils often because it has an essential oil container


RDTA is by far the best tank with almost no downsides.

What is Tank RDTA?

– Tank RTA

It is a buildable tank and has a tank (chamber) to store essential oils.


+ Large oil tank.

+ No need to take care of the oil continuously, players only need to take care of the oil once and use it repeatedly.

+ Avoid the situation when essential oils are sucked into the mouth.


+ Difficult to build coil and change cotton

==> Suitable for those who have certain knowledge about vape and know how to play vape.

What is Tank RTA?
Tank RTA

3. Instructions on how to use vape tanks properly

How to use vape tank properly and effectively? To use vape effectively, you should only click vape for a few seconds, enough to take a deep breath, then release your hand and exhale the smoke outside.

Even when you put the vape to your mouth, you also bring the vape up to your mouth before you press the button. Many of you have the habit of pressing the button from the bottom, then bringing it to your mouth and sucking, after smoking still do not release your hand but continue to press the button. This not only consumes an amount of essential oil, but it also causes the coil to overheat leading to a coil burn.

When you want to smoke fish continuously for a long time, you need to let the vape rest for a few minutes before smoking again. Because when sucking continuously, the tank’s heat will constantly increase, if it sucks for too long and the steam is too long, it will cause the tank to burn, break, quickly run out of battery, suck poorly and crack the neck.

4. Instructions for cleaning vape tanks

Step 1: Remove the combustion chamber and use a clean paper towel to dry them

Step 2: Press the power button and gently blow into the small holes on the combustion chamber so that powdered water does not splash into the combustion chamber.

Step 3: After 3 blows, use a clean dry paper towel so that the residue and residual solution inside are sucked out. Note when pressing the power button to create smoke, you just need to gently press for a few seconds, then release, then continue. Avoid pressing the button for too long or the coil will burn out.

Step 4: You put the combustion chamber directly on a dry paper towel so that the paper can absorb all the remaining drops of essential oil and wipe it with a paper towel, then blow the smoke once to make the smoke even and make sure there are no holes. Any small screw at the top of the tank.

Step 5: Reinstall the tank head and use.

5. Where to buy vape tanks?

Currently, there are many addresses that provide vape tanks. However, which address is the one that specializes in providing genuine and quality vape tanks, especially at reasonable prices?

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