What is RTA in vaping? Learn about how it works and how to use RTA

What is RTA in Vaping? For a newbie to Vape, to understand all the terms talking about each part and structure of a Vape such as RTA, TANK, RBA, Coil, OCC … is not easy. However, if you invest a little time learning about the structure, use and how each part works, you will definitely use a Vape in the most perfect way. What is RTA in vaping, what principle does it work on and how to use an RTA to get the most out of it? Vapechinhhang.com will help new players answer this problem!

What is RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers)?

RTA stands for Rebuildable Tank Atomizers. Therefore, to know what RTA is, what function they have in a vaping and how they work, we must first understand what Rebuildable Tank Atomizers mean?

What is RTA?
RTA stands for: Rebuildable, Tank and Atomizers

R – Rebuildable, means the incandescent (also known as Coil) and cotton (cotton) of the combustion chamber (atomizer), they can be wound, made, reworked and often called Build.

T – Tank : A chamber to store essential oils.

A – Atomizers: Is the combustion chamber.

In short, RTA can be understood as a combustion chamber containing a burner and a tank to store essential oils. When using RTA in vaping, the user does not need to take care of the oil continuously in the combustion chamber, but will take care of an amount of essential oil to use many times into the tank of the combustion chamber and so on until the oil in the chamber runs out. need to open and add oil.

Structure of RTA

As introduced above, the structure of the RTA includes parts such as: Coil (incandescent), Build (combustion chamber) and essential oil chamber and battery connection part (cartomizer). This unit is used to ignite the essential oil and convert the mixture from liquid to vapor.

structure of RTA
Structure of RTA in vaping

Working principle

When you use a Vape, an electronic cigarette, you will be inhaling the same gas as traditional smoke, and even feel the taste and satisfaction after using it. The reason a Vape can produce smoke and give users an experience like using real cigarettes is thanks to RTA. When the burner is lit or the control button is turned on, the essential oil in the combustion chamber will be ignited and converted into smoke. At this time, the user will inhale that smoke through the filter. Therefore, RTA is considered as the engine of a vape, without this part, the vape will not be able to function.

Because the essential oil is stored in the tank and transported to the combustion chamber in a controlled manner, RTA users will not have to worry about the problem of short of breath due to the exhaustion of the essential oil or the suction of the oil to the mouth due to the essential oil. being taken care of 1 massively and too much.

Working principle of RTA
Working principle of RTA

What is the difference between RTA and RDA?

RDA is easier to build than RTA because the deck build of RDA is wider than RTA. The surrounding part of the RDA is empty and wide, so when inserting the cotton, just cut it short, use tweezers to bend it to the bottom.

In contrast, the base of the RTA’s combustion chamber contains essential oil inside, so it will be more entangled. It is also because of this that before inserting cotton balls into the RTA, it is also necessary to trim properly otherwise vape users will most likely encounter oil leakage, oil splashing on the mouth.

Although it sounds sophisticated, RTA does not require users to have a lot of knowledge about Vape,

Because it is very convenient to use. Because RTA has its own tank and oil chamber, it only needs to be taken care of once and used many times, rather than taking care of the oil continuously when used, causing an inhibitory feeling when used like RDA.

Difference between RDA and RTA
The biggest difference between RDA and RTA is that RTA contains more essential oils than RDA

Advantages and disadvantages


Gives good steam and taste

The feeling when smoking is very light

Contains a lot of essential oils.

Do not have to take care of oil many times, so it is very convenient for users, especially those who do not have much time.

RTA brings the ultimate feeling of light to the user


Requires users to have a certain knowledge of Vape.

Requires high technique when inserting cotton balls

If you are not familiar with how to use it, it is likely that you will bleed and suck oil into your mouth when playing vape

advantages and disadvantages
RTA requires players to have a certain experience and understanding of vaping

What types of coils is RTA suitable for?

Coil is considered the most important part of a vape, the coil is responsible for evaporating the essential oil contained in the fuel oil and it is made of a material that can convert electricity into heat to turn the vaporized oil into smoke for the user. Depending on the purpose of vape use, the coil is also upgraded and modified into many types based on the criteria of more or less smoke, strong or light flavor, heat and sharpness of nicotine ….

Some basic types of vape coils can be mentioned as:

Single coil: A type of coil that is assembled from a basic smooth round wire according to the manufacturer’s available sizes.

Clapton Coil: Unlike single coils, Clapton coils are wrapped with a microwire of size 36 or 38. This type of coil will give a smaller number of ohms due to the larger cross-section than the standard coil size. Using this coil will give the same temperature as a single coil but the flavor will be stronger, more pop, and richer.

coil type suitable for RTA
RTA is suitable for many different types of coils

Coil Fused Clapton: It is similar to claptin coil but different in that it is designed to include 2 cores, not 1 core like Clapton. This is also a very popular coil on the Vietnamese market because it brings an interesting experience and a relatively stable price.

Coil Alien Clapton: A rather sophisticated design consisting of 3 cores and an outer layer designed in a zigzag shape for the purpose of holding more essential oils. This type is only suitable for essential oils that are sweet and very hot.

Besides the above 4 basic and common coil types, vape coils are also known to be played into many types such as: Twist, Typhoon, Mohawk …

How many ml of vape oil can the RTA hold?

Depending on the design of each vape, the essential oil chamber will have a different area and hold different amounts of oil. However, normally the standard amount of RTA will hold 2ml of essential oil while the maximum RTA can hold that is 6ml of essential oil. With this amount of essential oil, you can use it continuously for 1 week.

Capacity of the storage tank
RTA can hold up to 6ml of essential oil

List of the most popular types of RTA today

  • Kylin RTA
  • Reload RTA
  • solomon rta
  • Pico RTA
  • hussar rta
  • rta merlin

Learn more about the best-selling RTA tanks here

For those who are new to Vape, the more suitable option is RTA. Because its tank oil is inherently designed and aligned by manufacturers to best suit its model. And all you need to do is just add the essential oil and use it. As for RDA, it will be more suitable for those who have used vape for a while, then users will be able to align the amount of vape continuously during the smoking process, giving you the most refreshing feeling instead of being shocked because too much or feel bland, tasteless when adding too little essential oil.

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