What is Pod System? Learn more about vape pods for newbies

Vape pod system is gradually becoming a trend not only for middle-aged men but it is also a product line chosen by many young people. However, what is a vape pod system? Is everyone suitable to use a Vape pod system? What are the structural features of the Vape pod system? What advantages and disadvantages does it have? And how to use the Vape pod system most effectively, not everyone knows. In this article, I will answer all from A-Z the problems of the Vape pod system product line that are storming this market.

What is a vape pod system?

Vape pod system is a mini electronic cigarette device that helps smokers quit or use it as an alternative to a regular cigarette to minimize the harmful effects of tobacco on the user’s health. and the people around.

What is a Vape Pod System?
Definition of vape pod system

Structure and working principle of vape pod system

Just like other types of vape, vape pod system consists of 2 parts, the body part and the e-liquid part. The body includes control buttons, batteries for burning essential oils and generating steam. Vape pod systems work by using electrical energy, specifically a battery, to ignite the e-liquid, which then forms a vapor. Normally, vape pod systems often operate on an automatic mechanism and users only need to refill the battery, enough essential oil, just use the pull control buttons, so they can produce a vapor like the vapor of a cigarette. real.

Structure of Vape Pos System
Structure of Vape Pos System

You can learn more about the Pod system HERE

What is a pod system?

Bo pod system is understood as a shell or a small combustion chamber but contains an essential oil chamber, burning coil and cotton. Because of its compact design, the oil capacity of the pod system will be smaller than that of ordinary pods (normal pods have a capacity of about 1-2ml of juice).

The bo pod system is usually connected to the body of the camera very quickly and easily, without the need for the usual 510 contact type. In particular, this combustion chamber will be replaced by another combustion chamber when the essential oil runs out or the cotton and coil inside is burned.

The rest of the components are designed similar to conventional e-cigarette devices, including a battery cover built into the body. These devices mostly operate on a self-igniting mechanism, so users just need to put the pod system in their mouth and smoke like a normal cigarette that has been lit. Or there are also some types that will have additional control buttons for users to freely adjust to their own liking.

What is Bo pod system: learn about Bo pod system
Learn about the board pod system

Essential oils for vape pod systems

Medicines are electronic in general and vape pod systems have a wide variety of e-liquid that can be used. However, not all essential oils can be used for vape pod systems. You should only use essential oils specifically for vape pod systems when using a vape pod system as an alternative to medicine is common. Absolutely do not use essential oils of conventional Vape types for vape pod systems and vice versa.

E-liquids for vape pod systems are typically thinner and have a higher nicotine concentration than those used for regular vapes (stronger e-liquids and lower nicotine concentrations). If you use essential oils for regular Vape types for vape pod systems, the already dense amount of essential oil when burned will glue and clog causing no vapor production, even causing coil fires. Therefore, only vape pod systems should be used for vape pod systems and vice versa.

Some essential oils you can use for vape pod systems can be mentioned as: CRET Salt Apple – American Vape Essential Oil, CRFT Salt Butterscoteh, Juice Head Salts Strawberry Kiwwi,

Essential oils for Vape pod systems
Essential oils for vape pod systems

What is salt nicotine?

As a natural state of nicotine found in the leaves of tobacco, it has been researched and refined to be used as an essential oil for vaping. In particular, it provides a higher concentration and increased absorption when used 2-3 times compared to the normal nicotine in cigarettes.

Salt nicotine is created for use in low-power electronic devices, in Salt nicotine often contains VG – PG and Flavoring, these are ingredients that are not of concern to users’ health.

Comparison between smoking and vape pod system

COMPARISON BETWEEN cigarette smoking and vape POD SYSTEM

Medicine is tradition Vape pod system
Bringing comfort and relaxation to the user.

Relieve stress.


Does not affect the health of users and those around them.

Does not cause bad breath.

Can help smokers quit smoking.

It seriously affects the health of users and people around.

Increased risk of cancer and heart disease.

Air pollution.

Causes bad breath.

Although there are many flavors, it still does not give the feeling of smoking real cigarettes.

High cost

Who should use a vape pod system?

Who should use a vape pod system? In fact, nowadays, there are many young people who often buy Vape pod systems, but do not understand the purpose of using Vape pod systems and who should use Vape pod systems?

Who is the vape pod system suitable for? Vape pod system is only suitable for the following people:

People who have been and are smokers but want to use a Vape pod system to quit smoking.

Those who have been using tobacco and want to use Vape pod system to replace cigarettes forever.

People who quit smoking should use vape pod system
Vape pod system is suitable for those who want to quit or replace cigarettes with a more beneficial product

As for those who do not smoke but just want to use Vape for fun, absolutely should not use a Vape pod system, but should only use a regular Vape. Because the e-liquid used for Vape pod system contains a higher nicotine content than regular Vape types, if people who have ever smoked, even addicted to drugs, will have a great feeling and taste. like smoking a regular cigarette. As for those who have never smoked, if used, it can cause dizziness, nausea and a burning sensation in the neck.

Benefits of Vapes pod system

The biggest benefit that Vapes pod system brings is that it helps smokers to quit smoking more easily.

Less impact on health for the user, for the people around and reduce environmental pollution.

Prevent and reverse the risk of life-threatening cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

Vapes pod system is designed to be extremely simple, compact, sophisticated and easy to use.

Vapes pod systems come in a variety of flavors, so users of the vapes pod system can change their favorite flavors or try different flavors right away.

Low electronic consumption.

Easy to clean, maintain and repair.

Can be used many times, the use time lasts forever.

Benefits of vape pod systems for smokers
Help men feel more confident with bad breath

Disadvantages of Vapes pod system

Besides many advantages, the vapes pod system still has some small disadvantages as follows:

Small battery capacity, Pol system is great for smokers but it also has a disadvantage that due to its compact size, they will have less battery capacity than regular vape mods.

Although the price is cheaper than regular vapes, it is still much higher than other regular cigarettes.

Production slightly limited

The smoke produced is not much.

Not suitable for essential oils with a high VG ratio because the sytem pod is usually designed with a narrow oil cavity and a narrow oil drain hole. Therefore, the oil absorption into cotton will be much slower if using essential oils with high VG content.

Disadvantages of Vape pod systems
The vape pod system does not produce as much smoke as other vapes

How to use Vapes pod system

If you are a person who chooses and uses a Vapes pod system, then you must definitely understand the following rules of using Vapes pod:

Make sure the batteries are fully charged, otherwise plug and charge them before use.

Remove the plug/seal and fill the device with the e-liquid (e-liquid) of your choice.

If your product has a toggle function, make sure the devices are on.

If your vape is activated, go ahead and take a breath as if you were smoking a regular cigarette.

If there is fire, hold it while sucking in but do not press first.

Detailed instructions on using vape pod system
User manual vape pod system

Reputable place to sell pod system

Currently, there are many addresses that sell pod systems, but to find an address that provides genuine, quality and reasonably priced pod system products is not easy. Here are some suggestions about addresses in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City that specialize in providing genuine, quality and best price pod system products that you can refer to.

+ 168/27 Nguyen Gia Tri, Ward 25, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Or order directly at the website: https://vapechinhhang.com

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