What is JET Cigarette? Is smoking JET harmful?

What do you know about Jet cigarettes – a very familiar product in the Vietnamese tobacco market? The following article Clickkhongthuocla will provide basic information you need to know about Jet cigarettes.

White Jet cigarettes are a familiar brand in the Vietnamese tobacco market.

Overview of Jet cigarettes

Jet cigarette is a type of product made from the main ingredient of shredded tobacco leaves , which are rolled or stuffed into a long cylinder of paper, less than 120mm in length, about 10mm in diameter. This is a type of cigarette produced and consumed in Vietnam by VINATABA Co., Ltd., in cooperation with foreign countries. This product is rated as a heavy cigarette, suitable for long-time smokers.

Jet 555 cigarettes are used by igniting at one end, smoldering to form smoke and being sucked in by the user from the opposite end (with a filter attached). Although the filter has the effect of preventing harmful substances from entering the body, over time these toxins will still accumulate in the body and cause some dangerous health diseases such as lung cancer, hydrocephalus. , pneumonia, orchitis, tooth decay, body weakness…

Jet cigarettes are considered a traditional item of Vietnamese people. According to statistics, the majority of smokers have used Jet cigarettes and up to 50% of smokers love this drug.

Besides, the white Jet cigarette brand also accounts for 90% of the market share of smuggled cigarettes in Vietnam. Therefore, consumers should buy products at reputable selling points to avoid harming their health and those around them.

How much do Jet cigarettes cost per pack?

Currently, the tobacco market in Vietnam issues a lot of Jet cigarette products with different prices and quality. Smokers can find them easily at stores and supermarkets from affordable to luxury.

The most popular brand of white Jet cigarettes in Vietnam has a market price of 20,000 VND/pack of 20 cigarettes and 180,000 VND/pack of 10 packs.

Besides, on the market today, there are yellow Jet cigarettes originating from the UK, priced at about 430,000 – 450,000 VND / 10 packs. This is a limited edition (limited edition) so it is quite rare, suitable for buying as a gift. Gold Jet cigarettes – gold blend have a very luxurious yellow filter and when smoked also create a pleasant aroma, so the price is higher than regular Jet cigarettes.

Is smoking a Jet cigarette good?

According to a study by the Vietnam Institute of Tobacco Economics and Technology, in cigarettes smuggled into Vietnam, concentrations of two toxins, Coumarin and Cadimin, were detected, especially the two brands Jet and Hero.

Every year, more than 800 million packages of smuggled cigarettes are put into consumption in the Vietnamese market – according to a survey by the Vietnam Tobacco Association, in which two brands Jet and Hero account for 85% of the market share. Notably, the content of toxic substances in these two drugs was unusually high and both contained extremely high levels of Coumarin .

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has enacted a law banning the use of Coumarin in food. Coumarin is currently used to marinate each strand of smuggled tobacco, which is widely sold on the market, causing harm to the health of many people. Scientists have conducted studies on mice and concluded that Coumarin can cause liver and lung toxicity and is the agent that forms cancerous tumors in the human body.

In Health, Coumarin is an anticoagulant, if used in high doses for a long time, it can cause disturbances in capillary dialysis; bleeding, dangerous for patients with peptic ulcer, trauma, high blood pressure; allergies, hair loss, hepatitis, bladder bleeding and bladder cancer risk.

” alt=”Cigarettes contain Coumarin, a banned substance that is dangerous to human health.” width=”700″ height=”439″ data-src=”https://clickkhongthuocla.vn/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/thuoc-la-jet-anh-1.jpg.webp” />
Cigarettes contain Coumarin, a banned substance that is dangerous to human health.

According to Mr. Nguyen Dinh Truong – Director of the Vietnam Institute of Tobacco Economics and Technology, tobacco contains a lot of Coumarin, which is a banned substance that is especially dangerous to health. Coumarin is used in tobacco production to add flavor and aroma to cigarettes. However, this substance is also in the group of dangerous chemicals on the list of substances banned from use in food by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.


Through the above information, it can be seen that Jet cigarettes are a very familiar product for smokers and can be easily found on the market at any store. However, Jet cigarettes also pose a particular threat to human health due to their toxic ingredients that cause cancer . To quit smoking, you can use a dedicated mouthwash .

This is also a smuggled product that is rampant in the market and very difficult to control. Therefore, to ensure the health of themselves and those around them, users should consider using Jet cigarettes and other cigarettes in general on the market.

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