What is Esse Cigarettes?

Smoking Esse causes many unimaginable harms to consumers. Many people are aware of that but still use cigarettes every day. So does using Esse cause infertility or not?

Let’s find out with Clickkhongthuocla through the following article.

Learn What is Esse Cigarettes?

Esse cigarettes have caused a stir in the Vietnamese tobacco community for the past few years. This popular imported tobacco has received the response of a large number of people in the country. They race to use each other without knowing the origin, origin, even finding out what kind of tobacco this is? What is the miracle that makes this cigarette so popular?

Origin and origin of imported tobacco line Esse

According to research and study, Esse cigarettes are made in Korea . This is a light cigarette for people who smoke at a low level. This type of tobacco is mainly for women.

Esse cigarettes with compact design, impressive length, attract women at first sight. In particular, they contain very little nicotine, which is less harmful to users’ health. In Korea, this is a popular tobacco product used by women.

The product’s unique feature is that it contains very little addictive nicotine. In particular, the product is researched and extracted with many different flavors. It can be seen that cigarette smoke also has a more pleasant smell than other types of tobacco. This is a great tobacco product for women.

The structure of this line of imported Korean cigarettes is also quite similar to other conventional tobacco products. However, the small stomatal point on the filter side makes this product special. Small air holes help air to be taken directly as soon as the user inhales into the body. This has a very important function.

Users will not have to take too much concentrated smoke into the body. Instead, the Esse line of drugs can dilute the air into your body. As a result, the harmful substances are no longer as much of an effect as conventional cigarettes. In particular, nicotine is also reduced.

Esse is no longer a cigarette made exclusively for women when men also gradually switch to using this imported brand of cigarettes. Because they believe that this drug will definitely put the least amount of harmful substances into the body.

Effects of smoking Esse

However, Esse is not without harm to the body of the smoker. Even so, the influence is still quite large. This product still exposes users to many dangerous diseases .

There have not been any studies to prove that diseases such as lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, jaundice and infertility are not caused by Esse. It’s just that humans will put many times less nicotine into the body than other conventional cigarettes . Thus, the process of disease formation and development in the body will be minimized.

Esse imported cigarettes still have bad effects on health

Does using Esse tobacco cause infertility?

Many people wonder if using tobacco, especially Esse tobacco, can cause infertility? The answer is yes .

Esse cigarettes can cause infertility for users. Especially other tobacco lines such as Kent mint, Kent green, etc.

Nowadays, smoking is more and more popular. Not only men but also women use the drug continuously every day. If your relatives and friends use tobacco, not only are they affected, but you are also affected by the smoke that you inhale every day.

The tobacco market in Vietnam is diversified with domestic and imported tobacco lines. Designs, flavors are diverse, prices are flexible, compatible with a wide range of users. However, there are still names that are popular with consumers such as mint Kent, green Kent, Esse tobacco, etc.

According to statistics, Vietnam is the 15th country in the world with the highest smoking rate. Everyone knows and is well aware that tobacco and smoke affect the health of themselves and those around them. But no one cares about that.

Effects on male infertility when using tobacco

The number of sperm decline: Testossterone concentrations in males may be significantly reduced when using tobacco. At the same time, male hormone levels also become lower than normal men if they regularly use this stimulant. Since then, the ability to produce sperm is reduced.

Sperm deformed: healthy sperm in men will be able to change status if tobacco use too much. The number of weak, mutated, disease-carrying sperms is produced more than before smoking. They are not able to successfully fertilize an egg, create a zygote, and produce normal offspring.

Using tobacco leads to impotence: The risk of impotence after using tobacco is statistically increased by 2 times compared to the normal time. The toxins in cigarette smoke lead to atherosclerosis. Blood flow to the tip of the penis is blocked, impotence. Men with this disease can not have normal intercourse with women, reducing the ability to have children, severe cases can lead to infertility.

Portability of decreased sperm: study found that the ability of sperm to move away repeatedly diminished after tobacco use. The poison in cigarette smoke causes the sperm’s movement speed to decrease by up to 13% compared to the normal state in humans. This has a serious impact on fertility. Because sperm do not move freely, they will not be able to reach the egg. The process of fertilizing an egg to form a zygote cannot take place.

Reduced sperm concentration: After smoking, sperm concentration in men significantly reduced compared with normal condition. There is a study that proves that sperm concentration will decrease by up to 23% compared to the time before smoking. The amount of semen produced in the male penis is still high. However, the number of sperm in them is not much, even very little or no sperm at all.

If you recognize and understand the harmful effects of Esse cigarettes, you will realize that there is no other way to protect yourself from disease but to quit smoking. There are many methods to quit smoking in the present time.

So why not follow a strict regimen for smoking cessation that uses cigarettes that contain less nicotine, but still promote disease progression?

Smoking not only makes you sick, wreaks havoc from within your own body. Toxic substances from the smoke you spread to the outside also affect your loved ones.

The disease has no cure, day by day, it will consume you physically and mentally, and your family, and the families of many people in your community who accidentally release secondhand smoke. Take action today for good health, for a community that is always healthy.

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