What is coil vape and how to play it correctly?

A stylish and classy vape player is not only someone who has a vape to play but also someone who understands the source of their structure and working principle. Because only when you understand their structure and function can you use that vape in the best way according to your style. What is a vape coil, what principle does vape coil work on, let’s learn about this part with vapechinhhang.com!

1. What is a vape coil?

Coil is an inductor like a wire in the shape of a coil, helical or twisted . It is understood that the incandescent part has the ability to heat, causing the essential oil to evaporate, the essential oil after being absorbed into the cotton will vaporize into smoke. And the smoker will smoke and release the smoke. Coil wire comes in many different materials and structures.

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Almost every vape comes with a coil. Coils that are made from good metals and without impurities will provide pure flavor. On the contrary, those that are considered to be of poor quality and have many impurities will give a less intense taste, even a burning and stale feeling.

What is a vape coil?
Considered a part in vape, it has the effect of converting essential oils from liquid to vapor

1.1 Working principle of coil vape

The principle of operation of the coil is extremely simple, inherently the coil, also known as the filament, is formed by metal wires and is shaped in the form of a spiral to connect two resistors together.

Between 2 small coils will be inserted between 2 pieces of pure cotton to absorb essential oil. Therefore, just pressing the fire button means that when the combustion chamber starts working, the resistance will go from the battery through the Atomizer connector and the Cartridge conducts resistance from one end to the other end of the fibers in a spiral. .

When the resistor runs through the metal heating wires (coils) and heats up the pre-impregnated essential oils in the cotton fibers located between the coils and turns them into vapors that give the user a taste and feel. Feels like smoking a real cigarette.

What is a vape coil?
An intricately designed coil

2. What types of vape coils are available today?

Many people often confuse coil materials and coil types. The material is the same as the Genuine Vape item shared. Below are the types of vape coils commonly used by “vape players”.

2.1 Basic types of vape coils

  • Single coil: 

Not only 1 coil in the burner will be called single coil. Coil is simply a type of coil that uses smooth, round wire from the available sizes of manufacturers.

  • Coil Clapton:

Coil Clapton uses smooth, round ropes in sizes 26-28 and is covered with another small rope in sizes 36-38. Clapton coils will have a smaller ohm but will have a more punchy taste than a single coil.

  • Coil Fused Clapton:

Similar to Coil Clapton, Coil Fused Clapton is an upgraded version with 2 cores, not 1 core. The Vietnamese market loves this Coil Fused Clapton because it gives a good experience such as better taste and more smoke than Clapton.

  • Alien Clapton:

This coil has 3 cores, the outer layer is usually zigzag shaped to increase the length of the grooves to help the essential oil be retained more. People who play vape say this is quite delicious but very hot and will usually be used only for sweet flavors.

2.2 Other types of vape coils

  • Standard coil

This is a basic coil that meets regulatory standards and is suitable for beginners because of its safety. The way to use this wire is quite simple because it is easy to wind the rod with many circles of wide diameter.

Therefore, it is very suitable for those of you who like thick cotton wicks to hold a large amount of essential oils. However, the wire resistance will be large, the heating time is slow.

  • Micro coil

This is the same type of wire as the Standard coil, only the diameter of the coils will be smaller. Thanks to the small coil, the length of the Micro coil needed will be significantly shorter than the Standard wire, helping to reduce the resistance of the wire. Besides, the cotton is wicked thinner, helping the heating process take place faster, creating more smoke.

  • Nano coil

With this type of coil, you will wrap the wire around a small die, creating very small circles. Therefore, the cotton wicking method requires more technique and the wicking method is also different from other coils. Nano coil has the ability to heat up very quickly, plus a very thin cotton wick layer so the essential oil evaporates quickly, creating a very refreshing big smoke.

  • Parallel coil

This type of coil needs to use 2 parallel wires to wrap, helping to increase the contact surface with the cotton. Thanks to that, the essential oil will be burned more at the same time, creating more smoke.

3. How to build a vape coil

how to build a vape coil
How to build a vape coil?

To build a vape coil, you need the following tools: The vape needs to be built with a coil, RTA or RDA head, clamps, wire cutters, thread trimmer, porcelain tweezers, ohm meter, screwdriver, unwashed cotton cleaners and especially coils.

Take a piece of coil wire about 20cm and then cut it into two pieces.

Use an ohm meter about 2mm in diameter. Next, put the coil wire on the ohm measuring screwdriver, you should pay attention to leave a piece of the wire and use your non-dominant hand (left hand) to fix the coil wire on the body of the screwdriver.

The other hand (right hand) stretches the coil and wraps it around in a clockwise direction to form a spring, so that the coil is as tight as possible.

After you have rolled 5 – 7 or 9 turns (depending on the capacity and needs of use), you cut off the excess wire, leaving only about 1.5cm on each end of the wire. Then wind the remaining coil in the same way. So you have a pair of coils for your RDA, RTA.

Note: When winding, both coils must be wound in the same direction.

4. How to maintain vape coils

4.1 When do vape coils need to be changed?

When using a vape, if you feel a burning smell, a slightly dry taste, you need to replace the coil. Coil vape needs to be changed regularly, on average every 2 weeks to ensure the truest flavor of essential oils, no impurities, and the most comfortable and pleasant feeling for you.

5.2 Instructions for changing vape coils

After you have a satisfactory pair of coils or after a period of use that leads to burnt and dirty coils, your job is to clean the old coil or replace the new coil. How to change vape coil ?

  • Insert the coil into the base of the RDA and RTA . headers

Once you have a satisfactory pair of coils, you need to remove the screws on the base of the RDA or RTA to be replaced. If you are not used to it, it is best to just loosen the screw so as not to lose the screw and easily re-twist it after inserting the coil.

Insert the coil into the base so that the 2 ends of the coil are 2 staggered holes and begin to adjust to a balanced position, the curling of the 2 ends of the coil will keep the standard coil position.

cách Buil coil vape

You use the other coil to put it on the other side of the base and do the same.

Use a screwdriver to tighten the coil ends and cut off the excess coil wire (don’t screw it too tight or it may break the coil).

cách Buil coil vape
Once you have the coil in place, use a screwdriver to tighten the screw

Turn on the control switch at a capacity of about 20 to see if the resistors on both sides of the coil burn evenly, if not, use porcelain pliers to squeeze the gap between the coils so that the light on both sides is right. equal.

cách buil coil vape
Use ceramic clamps to tighten the coils
  • Add cotton for coil:

Depending on the size you estimate to cut to fit. Cut into 2 pieces for 2 sides of the spring.

Next, you tear off one end of the cotton and shrink it to thread it through the spring, use your left hand to straighten the tip of the cotton ball, with your right hand continue to pull the cotton through the spring and gently rotate it for the cotton to pass easily.

You pull the cotton through the spring until you feel the cotton is firm, then stop and cut the cotton short with scissors. Do the same with the other side of the spring and you have finished replacing the cotton part for the vape coil.

cách thêm bông coil vape
Choose pure cotton for the best vape taste
  • Care for essential oils for vape coils:

+ First, take care of the oil in the watching part

+ Next, take care of the oil for the cotton balls on both sides, pay attention to wet all the cotton balls.

+ Use pliers to plug the two ends of the cotton ball down so that the cotton part is not screwed with the evaporation holes.

+ Flush cotton with oil, this step you just press the hot VGOD and blow the smoke, just press 4-5 seconds, then release and then do it again, don’t press too long so that the coil does not burn.

+ Add a new layer of oil and close the coil tip and combustion chamber and can smoke vape.

how to fill vape oil
The right way to fill vape essential oil is the operation that not everyone does properly.

At this point, you already understand more about vape coils , right? For more information as well as to find genuine products at good prices, please visit the website Vapechinhhang.com

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