What is a vape starter kit? Top 11 quality starter kits

1. What is a Vape Starter Kit?

Born in the 60s of the twentieth century, vaping is no longer a strange concept for tobacco believers. With a separate operating principle, the electronic cigarette device will use high temperature to evaporate the essential oil solution, also known as juice, thereby bringing a feeling of refreshment and relaxation to the user.

If you are still afraid of using Vape, the Vape Starter Kit is a perfect choice. Easy to assemble, change and use are advantages not to be missed for newbies.

vape starter kit
The Starter Kit Vape is the perfect choice for rookie vapers.

1.1 Structure

These beginner e-cigarettes are composed of two distinct parts: the burner and the body. The simplicity in this structure is a big advantage that makes the vape starter kit score points for rookies.

The burner is the part that receives the power of the machine to heat the available essential oil and vaporize it.

The body is the part that contains the battery and is also the place to generate the power supply to the burner.

1.2 Burner part uses occ burner core

OCC is an abbreviation of the phrase Organic Cotton Coil, which is understood as organic cotton oil. The OCC core unit in the vape starter kit is a vertical pack containing the vape cotton and coil. During use, the cotton part will be impregnated with essential oils and heated to create smoke. This part is designed to be fixed at the burner of the starter kit vape .

With the OCC core in the Starter Kit Vape , manufacturers also design the threaded foot to make the assembly process easy, becoming a great advantage for users to quickly replace when the burner has a problem.

1.3 The body is cut down to minimize all functions

For rookie vape users, the minimalist functional body makes for an exceptionally easy usage experience. If Vape has many new features to help users discover, the Vape starter kit brings simplicity, helping newbies quickly get used to electronic cigarettes.

Besides, capturing the psychology of wanting to try new things, the vape starter kit aims to create e-cigarette products that integrate many features. This creation gives new users the opportunity to both get acquainted and discover more interesting things.

structure of starter kit vape
The streamlined structure of the body and the burner makes the vape starter kit score in the eyes of the user.

2. What is the difference between starter kit vape products?

If talking about vape starter kit products, vapers may still be confused, what is the difference with other forms of e-cigarettes? Where is the advantage of a vape starter kit? What is special about each product?

What is a vape starter kit? Top quality vape starter kits today

Comparing vape and vape starter kit , there are three major differences that come from the very structure of these two products. If the vape has a rather “bulky” structure with a burner, body, accompanying essential oils and a variety of accessories, the vape starter kit is especially compact with two separate parts.

This simplicity in design is an advantage that helps to reduce the selection process and save a lot of money for vapers. In particular, vape starter kits are increasingly being creatively designed, integrating many features to help bring perfect experiences such as using vape for each user.

vape starter kit
Currently, Starter Vape Kit is gradually owning features that “break” many Vape products.

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3.Top Quality Vape Starter Kits in 2021:

3.1. Vape pen 22 Starter Kit

Buy Smok vape pen 22 Starter Kit cheap super smoke

Brand: Smok


– Powerful capacity

– The ability to create the highest smoke

– Luxury and high-end design

– Own a spare burner

3.2. Vape Pod system minifit starter kit 370mAh

Vape Pod system minifit starter kit 370mAh

Brand: Just Fog


– The ability to burn and create smoke is top

– Compact design

– Possesses three popular colors: red, black and blue

3.3. Vape S40 Mini starter kit

Brand: Sailemei


– The ultimate smoke generation ability

– Durable design

– Use burners with three power levels: 20W, 30W and 40W

3.4. Vape SIDIA8 45w Mini starter kit

Brand: SIDIA8


– Compact, streamlined, reasonable design

– Use burners with three power levels: 20W, 30W and 40W

3.5. Vape Smoant S8 Pod Starter Kit

Latest Genuine Vape Smoant S8 Pod Starter Kit

Brand: Smoant


– Minimalist, compact design

– Possesses three popular colors: yellow, blue and pink

– Affordable price

3.6. Vaio Go Beginner Starter Kit

Brand: Vaio Go


– Possessing rich formats

– Convenient, sophisticated design

3.7. Smok V9 Max – Best Vape Starter Kit

Brand: Smok


– Ultimate performance

– The ability to create impressive smoke

– Huge battery capacity 4000mAh

– Impressive design and unique

3.8. Innokin Coolfire Mini

Brand: Innokin


– Perfect performance

– Portable and flexible design

Use three power levels from 6 to 40W

3.9. Wotofo x Rig Mod Flux 200 W

Brand: Wotofo


– Integrate a variety of features

– Excellent performance with power up to 200W

– Affordable price

– Perfect design, luxury

If you are still wondering which vape product to choose or want to experience a new product, don’t forget to refer to this article of Vapechinhhang. Surely you will find yourself a “honest” vape starter kit!

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