What are Marlboro Cigarettes?

Marlboro is known as a famous cigarette brand, always in TOP best selling in the world. So have you tried these 9 Marlboro IQOS cigarettes yet? Clickkhongthuocla to find out in the article below.

What are Marlboro Cigarettes?

Marlboro is a famous product of the world’s largest tobacco factory, Phillip Morris. Phillip Morris is the place that has produced the cigarette that is storming the tobacco market of Europe and Asia – IQOS. And Marlboro is accounting for a huge number of the total revenue of this factory.

The structure of the Marlboro line of cigarettes is relatively simple like other tobacco lines. It is simply paper wrapped around cigarettes that have been cut into thin strips. The top has a filter that is wound into a long cylinder.

At first, the main audience of Marlboro cigarettes was female customers. The manufacturer has launched advertising strategies to attract women. Most of them are gentle and delicate.

However, when Marlboro went into stable operation, the factory wanted to hit the male target group. They launched powerful advertising strategies to attract men. They are not so focused on female sophistication as they used to be.

In fact, this Marlboro brand originates from England. However, it was registered in the United States in 1902. The factory was located at its headquarters in London in 1902. Philip Morris established a branch office in New York and went into sales operations. And they built an advertising brand for women in 1924. The slogan launched at that time was “Light as Clouds”.

Tobacco market has been analyzed and discussed, Leo Burnett completely broke Morris’s limited tasks and resources, leaving Marlboro for a new “sex change surgery”, boldly suggested Morris: Come at this time, Marlboro has replaced the position of tobacco for men. Tobacco flavor is also increased in heavier content. This bold transformation has changed the image of Marlboro, pioneering use packaging that opens flat and red symbolizes the power of technology as the primary color of the outer cover.

There are many reasons why Marlboro had to change its business strategy. Because Marlboro is no longer able to attract women as in the advertisement. Therefore, they repeatedly emphasized in the advertisement the rough, bold, heroic American cowboy image in the product’s brand. It is this that has attracted the love, satisfaction, satisfaction and pursuit of male consumers.

Leo Burnett succeeded in formulating his strategy. And this advertising and marketing plan is still considered to be the most perfect and successful plan so far. They have achieved a bold breakthrough in their quest.

Leo Burnett’s second year (1955), after skyrocketing, cigarette sales achieved incredible results, increasing the brand, reaching the top 10 in the United States.

Are IQOS Marlboro cigarettes harmful to users’ health?

IQOS Marlboro is the perfect combination of traditional tobacco and scientific technology. This product helps tobacco reduce up to 95% of harmful chemicals for users. This product does not take away from the rich flavor of Marlboro tobacco. At the same time specially designed, specially researched, smoke-free, so as not to harm human health.

The product is designed in Japan, using a recipe that heats it below 350 degrees Celsius. To carry out the process, the researchers need to use a sophisticated electrical device inside with a heating blade, much lower than that of a furnace. your going to burn 600oC if using traditional cigarettes. As a result, this particular product will produce steam, not smoke. Thanks to that, harmful substances spread in cigarettes are also minimized. People can use this product without worrying about its toxicity.

For traditional cigarettes, when smoking 8000 types of toxic substances and nicotine will be directly into the human body. Toxic substances will quickly be spread through cigarette smoke, affecting even those who inhale. IQOS Marlboro will solve this problem when it removes almost 95% of those harmful substances. Thanks to that, everyone’s health is protected, not affected.

This product does not cause discomfort, nor does it create odors. The product also does not leave ashes, suitable for users in office environments, offices, canteens, … or places where the sign ” NO SMOKE “.

The IQOS cigarette product is the cigarette heating system, consisting of 3 main components: Heatstick (where you put the cigarette), IQOS Holder (holder) and IQOS Charger (charger).

In the UK there was a survey. And up to 70% of people in this country have chosen to use IQOS cigarettes. They are completely voluntary without any difficulty or coercion.

According to statistics so far, there have been 3.7 million adults who smoke IQOS e-cigarettes. This product has gradually been substituted for traditional cigarettes.

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Find out 9 flavors of Marlboro IQOS cigarettes currently in circulation

IQOS Marlboro Smooth Regular Cigarettes

This is a traditional cigarette flavor with a nicotine concentration of about 0.2, light taste for those who are just starting to use IQOS or like to smoke light. (Taste equivalent to Kent Classic, Marlboro Black Premium).

IQOS Marlboro Balanced Regular

This product has a medium traditional flavor blend, nicotine concentration of 0.4, medium bold traditional taste, easy to smoke. (Equivalent to Marlboro Light, 555 UK)

IQOS Marlboro Classic Regular Cigarettes

This product has a stronger traditional flavor with a nicotine concentration of 0.6, this is a traditional IQOS drug with a rich taste, smoke is not hot and not harsh. (Equivalent to Marlboro Red, Vinataba)

IQOS Marlboro Mint . Cigarettes

This product is extracted from the strong mint flavor. The product gives a taste that is not too spicy, not too strong. The product is delicate and pleasant with a very strong taste, bringing a feeling of “clearing your nose and throat” every time you smoke IQOS. (Equivalent to Marlboro Crips Mint)

IQOS Marlboro Menthol cigarettes

This product has a strong mint flavor. This is IQOS with a strong mint flavor that makes you instantly refreshed and relaxed. (Equivalent to Marlboro Back Menthol)

IQOS Marlboro Purple Menthol Cigarettes

This drug is quite new. They are blended between the traditional flavor of sweet blueberry flavor to bring you an extremely enjoyable experience. (Equivalent to Marlboro Ruby Bust)

IQOS Marlboro Blend cigarettes 05 oranges

This product offers a moderate nicotine taste combined with a slight orange flavor to create a refreshing drug. You will feel more relaxed and comfortable than ever when using this product.

IQOS Marlboro Blend 26 coffee flavors

This is the ideal product for those who love the taste of coffee. Especially for those of you who want to use coffee every morning. The product is a combination of a bit of nicotine with the aroma of sweet and smoky milk coffee, a unique new feeling.

IQOS Marlboro Yellow Menthol Cigarettes

This is a special product extracted from natural cool mint leaves mixed with gentle lemon flavor. The product will create a wonderfully mild taste, giving you a very fresh IQOS medicine.

Above are things to know about the famous Marlboro cigarettes in the world. This product that goes into the heart of the people can be used by both men and women. In particular, the product marks a communication strategy full of miracles in history.

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