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The safest and most standard way to use vape

In recent times, vaping has become an extremely popular trend, especially among young people. Therefore, how to use vape properly, for “cool” is something that many people are interested in and learn about. Test Vape Before Use Any popular product when it is launched on the market, after a while, counterfeit goods will appear. Therefore, […]

What is the best type of electronic cigarette to buy?

With the development of modern science, electronic cigarettes were born and become increasingly popular because of their “divine” ability to replace traditional cigarettes. Not only providing an authentic experience, the texture of the vape minimizes the toxicity from ordinary smoke. However, choosing an affordable and quality e-cigarette is never easy. In today’s diverse and rich […]

Is Smoking Pod Harmful and Understanding Pods Correctly

Is Smoking Pod Harmful ? Is vaping harmful? Is nicotine in vapes and pods harmful? These are all questions that many people are interested in. By e-cigarettes or vapes, Pods are being considered as a substitute for traditional cigarettes that many people choose. In Vietnam, after the introduction of vape pods, it has become a […]

15 Popular Vape Tricks Techniques And How To Do It

Vape is a new type of electronic cigarette introduced into Vietnam not long ago. Thanks to the outstanding advantages, especially the safety compared to traditional cigarettes, Vape quickly became an alternative choice for many people. After a period of popularity among young people, Vape from the beginning as a pastime, gradually developed into an art […]

Top 6 best cheap mini vapes in 2021

With the popularity of young people, more and more types of Vape are born, comprehensively meeting the requirements of each customer. Among them, Vape Mini is one of the most popular lines because of the convenience it brings. Vape mini – outstanding advantages in a compact product: Voltage settings and customization The highlight in the […]