Top 10 famous vapers you should know

Top famous vapers that you should know

The community of vapers is growing and growing. Among them are many vapers who are trying day by day, hour by hour to make the vape industry more and more developed. Here are the Top 10 vapers with many contributions to the vape community that you should know:

  1. Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is a famous actress, producer, and model. She was one of the first celebrities to bring vaping attention on the Late Show with David Letterman by vaping while filming.

In addition to appearing on Letterman, Heigl occasionally takes vaping photos. A famous person using a vape will draw a lot of people to notice and learn about this technology.

  1. Azim Chowdhury

Azim Chowdhury

Azim Chowdhury is a jurist who specializes in food, pharmaceutical and tobacco laws. He is a partner at Keller and Heckman LLP, an attorney with expertise in FDA regulation as it relates to vaping and vaping. He represents numerous vape companies and e-liquid production companies in Washington, DC

  1. Phil Busardo

    Phil Busardo

One of YouTube’s standout individuals, Phil Bursado known as Pbursado on, boasts over 100,000 followers and over 14 million views on his Youtube channel. Busardo is a familiar face in the program and exhibition VAPE VAPE, the products that he is also very pleased to introduce consumers. Thanks to his previous work as a radio announcer and DJ gave him a very attractive aura.

  1. Constantine Farsalinos

Constantine Farsalinos

Constantine Farsalinos was a Greek physician. Responsible for many of the recent vaping studies that have emerged, Farsalinos approaches vaping research in a very objective manner. Rather than being funded by large companies that are in need of specific studies, Farsalinos’ independent and funded studies have shown both the pros and cons of vaping. He sees great potential in vaping as a smoking cessation therapy and his scientific research has been published in medical journals around the globe.

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  1. Brian Fojtik

Brian Fojtik

Brian Fojtik is the director of external relations at NJOY, America’s largest independent vape company. NJOY is not owned by Big Tobacco, and they are one of the key players in the vape game. Fojtik has a wealth of experience in politics and policymaking. Fojtik manages the relations between the state and local government in the eastern part of the United States. With so many bills being drafted for vaping , it’s Fojtik’s job to ensure a safe atmosphere for vape shops and e-liquid supplies.

  1. Nick “Grimm” Green

Nick “Grimm” Green

GrimmGreen is a famous youtuber. He is also a vape promoter, recommender, contributor and a fan of Clutch. His Youtube channel has 167 000 followers and he is also the admin of

  1. Bonnie Herzog

Bonnie Herzog

Bonnie Herzog is manager and tobacco and alcohol analyst for Wells Fargo Securities. Her vape market research helped herald a huge boom in the industry.

  1. Dimitris Agrafiotis

Dimitris Agrafiotis

Also known as Vapin Greek, Dimitris Agrafiotis, vape advocate, personally on Youtube and serves as the CEO of Mountain Oak Vapor. The VapinGreek Youtube channel has over 29,000 followers and Agrafiotis is also the manager of, a website with a lot of articles about product introductions, documents… Agrafiotis travels around the world to represent the company. vape and advocate for policies that are sound to the industry.

  1. Bill Godshall

Bill Godshall

Bill Godshall, the director of Smokerfree Pennsylvania, has been a staunch anti-tobacco for decades. Godshall introduces a variety of drug harm reduction products and advocates vaping. He is regularly updated with the latest vape news, trials and hearings.

  1. Gregory Conley

Gregory Conley

As president of the American Vaping Association, Conley is a relentless vape advocate. His followers on Facebook can see him traveling around on a mission to educate lawmakers about vaping. About the American Vaping Association on its Facebook home page is “Advocating for Small and Medium Businesses Against Harsh Tax Laws and Regulations”.

Above are 10 vapers that have made great contributions to the development of the vape community. In addition, there is a small, silent contribution of many other genuine vapers by building a civilized vape community, including you. Please contribute for the development of a civilized vape community!

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