When it comes to tobacco, people still think of it as a poisonous plant. But in fact, this plant is still grown and used quite commonly. In addition to being used to produce tobacco and a few used as pesticides, tobacco plants are also used to make medicine. To better understand this plant, please follow the following sharing of Clickkhongthuocla .

What is a tobacco plant?

Tobacco is an industrial plant with a long history of development. This type of tree brings high economic value, so it should be planted in a planned and strictly controlled manner. According to calculations, this is an import-export commodity that brings value to each country. The English name of the plant is Nicotiana tabacum from the Solanaceae family.

Morphological characteristics of tobacco plants

Tobacco plants are herbaceous, live year round, the base of the tree will turn a little wood. The plant grows upright and hairy, the leaves are lance-shaped and the higher up to the top, the leaves will become smaller. Leaf blade length can be up to 60-75cm, 30-50cm wide. The leaves of this plant do not have a stem, and the bottom is close to the stem.

The flowers of the tree are quite special. Flowers are numerous and gathered in panicles at the top. The formation of tobacco flowers is quite peculiar. On the top will grow 1 central flower, then from the base of the flower stalk will grow different secondary flower branches. Flowers bloom according to the rule from the center then to the secondary branches, from top to bottom and from inside to outside. The color of the flowers is usually very characteristic pink or pale pink.

The fruit of the tobacco plant is capsule-shaped. After the flower blooms about 25 to 30 days, the fruit begins to ripen. When the fruit is ripe, each fruit will have 2 cells and these 2 cells will contain about 2000 to 4000 seeds. On average, it is estimated that each tree will have about 200 to 400 fruits. The seeds of the plant are small and consist of three main parts: the shell, the embryo and the nipple.

Distribution of tobacco plants

Tobacco is distributed mainly in the Americas. However, due to the impact of integration and trade between countries, this plant is more and more widely distributed. Up to now, the world has harvested 4 million tons of dried tobacco every year. In which, the place where tobacco is grown and produced the most is in the Americas and Asian countries.

According to the researchers’ statistics, the countries that grow the most tobacco plants include the US, China, India, Brazil, and Japan. In Vietnam, tobacco plants began to be introduced and developed after the August Revolution.

Later on, the cultivation of tobacco was restricted and had to obtain permission due to its dependence on France. Waterpipe tobacco is grown in many northern provinces such as Hai Duong, Hai Phong, and Hung Yen. In the past 10 years, the tree has been widely distributed in midland and mountainous provinces such as Vinh Phuc, Cao Bang, Ba Vi, Gia Lai Kon Tum, Dak Lak…

How are tobacco plants grown and harvested?

Tobacco plants are grown from seeds. When the nursery is about 10-15cm tall, then plant the tree in a permanent place. In order for the tree to grow well, when planting, it is necessary to ensure that the distance between each tree is about 65 cm. Planting time in each region and each locality is different to change to suit climate conditions. For example, in Vinh Phuc, the planting time is in December for the best yield.

After about 4-5 months of planting and caring, the tobacco leaves will be harvested. It is estimated that on average, each hectare will harvest one ton of dried tobacco per year. In the process of harvesting tobacco, the most important thing is the drying process. Although cigarettes can be exposed to the sun, to be proactive, independent of the weather and to ensure quality safety, people often dry them.

The effects of tobacco

Although tobacco is a poisonous plant, we cannot deny the great effects it brings:

  • According to the analysis of Fast Sell shisha tobacco shop and researchers around the world, tobacco is also one of the main ingredients for the production of shisha (also known as shisha).
  • Tobacco, also known as pipe tobacco, was used by the ancients to stop bleeding quickly in cases of broken hands and feet. It is also used to treat snake bites and insect stings.
  • In particular, tobacco is also used to treat livestock and prevent pests effectively. However, in the process of using the active ingredients of this plant, you need to be very careful because if used improperly and according to the instructions of scientists, it can lead to poisoning for users.
  • In medicine, tobacco has the effect of treating diabetes, joint diseases. Tobacco is the raw material for making effective anti-cancer drugs. In particular, genetically modified tobacco plants are also very effective in treating rabies.

Above are some information and characteristics of tobacco plants. Hopefully the information we provide has helped readers better understand this plant.

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