The safest and most standard way to use vape

In recent times, vaping has become an extremely popular trend, especially among young people. Therefore, how to use vape properly, for “cool” is something that many people are interested in and learn about.

Test Vape Before Use

Any popular product when it is launched on the market, after a while, counterfeit goods will appear. Therefore, vapers need to use the right type of Vape to bring the best feeling.

Here are some cases that show you should not choose this type of vape:

  • The light is still on but the vape does not smoke or vice versa.
  • The vape light will be on continuously when you have just started smoking.

How to use Vape properly

To use Vape properly, vapers need to understand the principle of Vape structure.

Vape will include the body and the filter. The body will have the condition, microprocessor, light and battery. The filter head has a straw and a suction bottle containing essential oils.

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how to use vape
The body and filter of the vape

Vape will work as follows: When the machine is turned on, it will help the heat to liquefy the essential oil and form steam. When smoking a Vape, you will definitely see smoke and all smoke is water vapor, which dissolves very quickly.

So, how to use vape in the right way?

  • First of all, about how to put essential oils in the combustion chamber.

Step 1: It is necessary to disassemble the combustion chamber and battery. The position of the burner is where the essential oil is stored. There will be a hole in the top of the burner. That’s also where the smoke rises.

Step 2 : Pour the essential oil that needs to be poured around the mouth of the hole, do not pour it directly, it will make the vape unable to work. The amount of essential oil poured is for you to choose, but should be poured until the metal hole is covered.

Step 3 : Wait for 15 seconds until the amount of essential oil is completely absorbed into the coil of the combustion chamber before you can suck it up. Then reinstall the device as it was.

  • Next is how to use the Vape battery

Press the control button on the body of the device 5 times continuously to turn it on or off. The battery needs to be fully charged for the device to function properly.

When you see the signal light blink about 10 times, the device should be charged. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge. When charging is complete, the light will automatically turn off.

  • Finally, how to smoke a vape.

Wait about 15 minutes after the essential oil has absorbed into the cotton, then Pair the burner and battery of the device.

Step 1: Press the control button (about 5 times for the essential oil to be heated).

Step 2: Do not press too long because it will damage the device (about 5 seconds). Now it’s time for you to enjoy. Take a deep breath and exhale the smoke.

After carefully completing the above instructions, you can use Vape properly and enjoy the great feeling that Vape brings.

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Notes to remember when playing Vape

  • Vape battery problem: The light will blink continuously to indicate the battery is low. A red light is an indication that the battery is not full and vice versa for a green light. Charging time can last from 3 to 6 hours.
  • Need to keep the vape in a dry place, avoid humid areas and high temperature because it will cause the vape to spoil.
how to use vape
What to note when using vape to be safe?

Where to buy e-cigarettes to ensure safety?

Before buying, users need to find out about the supplier of the product. The best way to buy a safe vape is to go to an authentic, reputable, and recognized vape shop.

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