Steps to make shisha into the correct bowl

A lot of hookah lovers are not aware of the importance of proper preparation for a hookah session. The way you mix your hookah into your bowl plays an important role in the quality and longevity of a session.

And do not rush to pick up the bowl. So that you can enjoy the ultimate hookah experience, we’ll guide you through the hookah bowl packing process in just 4 easy steps.

Accessories to prepare

  • Quality shisha tobacco
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp kitchen knife
  • Absorbent tissue
  • Fork
  • Medicine cup

Steps to take

Step 1: Cut the shisha yarn into uniform size

Shisha comes in all shapes and sizes out of packs, so if you want a consistent smoke it’s important to start with a consistent mix; and that means doing a bit of pruning before the session. First, spread about a handful of shisha leaves on your cutting board.

Use a sharp kitchen knife to cut the leaves into strips about 1-2 cm, making sure the lengths of the strips are as uniform as possible. The finer cut gives the hot air a larger surface area of the tobacco/tea and is easier to manage when loading the hookah mix into the bowl. Don’t try to take shortcuts with scissors or a coffee grinder; The length of the leaves will be inconsistent and/or too fine to suck properly.

Step 2: Dry the shisha

Once you’re done cutting, place the shisha mixture on one half of the absorbent paper towels, fold the other half over and gently press down a few times to soak up the excess molasses and glycerine from the leaves. . This will help heat quickly into the mixture as well as prevent “hot spots” from forming. However, be careful not to dry the mixture too much, as this will result in a hotter and harsher work session.

Step 3: Prepare the shisha

Using a fork, spread your hookah mixture out on a cutting board so that it sits fairly flat. Separate the leaves and use a fork to roll/roll the mixture so that there are no large patches sticking together. Make sure to wipe off excess molasses and glycerine from the cutting board and continue to flatten and roll the mixture until it is fluffy and airy. Now you are ready to top up your hookah. In this step, you start mixing the hookah .

Step 4: Put the medicine in the cup

There is nothing worse than starting a hookah session and finding that the hookah has no smoke, or that the smoke is too hot and harsh to be enjoyable. Improperly packaged bowls will lead to one of those unwanted hookah experiences. For proper air circulation and to avoid even burns, you should not pack the bowl too tightly. Use your finger or fork to gradually pour the hookah bowl to the full line (most bowls will have a spill line on the inside).

Then sprinkle a little more shisha mixture on top so that it touches the underside of the foil or screen, but doesn’t flatten. This technique also works if you have a chimney kit or heat management systems like kaloud; just make sure you choose the correct fill height so the mix doesn’t get compacted (this restricts airflow) .

There you have it – 4 easy steps to packing a perfect bowl of shisha tobacco (or tea tobacco) using just home kitchen tools.

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