Nicotine concentration in vape: how much is enough for you?

The nicotine concentration in a vape directly affects how the player feels. Whether you are just starting out with vaping or have been using it for a long time, choosing the right vaping concentration is very important. However, many players wonder, do not know how to choose to bring the most pleasure for themselves.

1. Guide to choosing the right nicotine concentration in vape

The nicotine in the vape is the amount of nicotine present in the e-juice you use. This concentration is expressed in units of mg/ml or % (100mg/ml ~ 10%). This concentration has many different levels for you to choose from according to your needs and abilities.

nicotine content in vape
Vape players need to choose the right nicotine-containing e-liquid for their needs

0mg/ml nicotine

This is a nicotine-free essential oil, suitable for those who do not know or have quit smoking, women and Smoke Trickers. This type is almost not effective for those of you who want to use vape to quit smoking.

6mg/ml nicotine

Light smokers, from 1 to 5 cigarettes a day, will fit this concentration to limit nicotine consumption. With a concentration as low as this, players can still feel the flavor of the essential oil.

12mg/ml nicotine

The nicotine concentration in vape 12mg/ml is suitable for those who smoke on average 5-10 cigarettes/day.

nicotine gives a feeling of comfort
Nicotine contained in essential oils brings comfort to players

18mg/ml nicotine

This is the standard nicotine level in every traditional cigarette. Therefore, if vape has this concentration, it will be very suitable for people who are addicted to smoking and want to quit smoking to switch to vaping.

24mg/ml nicotine

For heavy traditional smokers, smoking more than 1 pack/day will be suitable for vaping with a concentration of 24mg/ml. This is said to be a high concentration level, suitable only for the aforementioned subjects to support smoking cessation.

36mg/ml nicotine

This is the highest level of nicotine content in vapes , only for heavy traditional smokers who smoke more than 2 packs per day. 

2 . Signs when you choose the wrong concentration

When you choose the level of nicotine in a vape that doesn’t suit your best friend’s needs, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the taste and sensation that vaping brings. If you choose a concentration that is too low for your needs, you will always be in a very uncomfortable and irritable state of craving.

Signs when you choose the wrong nicotine concentration
Choosing the wrong nicotine concentration makes the player unable to feel the full sensation when vaping

In case the nicotine in the pod exceeds the body’s tolerance, you will feel some signs such as discomfort, dizziness, headache, burning sensation in the throat … immediately after smoking. At this point, you need to reduce this amount in the next vaping times.

Meaning of nicotine percentage in vape oil

If you vaping at night and then go to bed and wake up feeling a little dizzy in the morning, the cause is not excessive nicotine use but just the feeling after a long sleep. This feeling will quickly disappear, so pay attention.

At this point, you have a better understanding of the nicotine concentration in vapes , right? Choose the best one for you to fully enjoy the feeling of vaping. To learn more useful information about vaping, please visit

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