Is vaping bad for you?

Is vaping harmful?

Is vaping harmful ? — a question that many people are interested in when looking to vape, especially those who are new to vaping or have just heard about vaping or e-cigarettes.

So is it really harmful or beneficial to smoke vape , we will give you a perspective, the most comprehensive and correct answer to answer your questions.

Before we go to answer the question “Is vaping harmful “, I will show you the fact that when you go to Google, type the keywords “is smoking harmful to vape”, “is it safe to smoke”, “Does vaping have cancer”… there will be many different articles on this topic, some of which say that vaping is harmful, some that say that vaping is beneficial.

Vidu about the results you will get like:

Is vaping harmful? The best answer today — the article of Vape shop

  • The terrible effects of Vape — electronic cigarettes — article from Newspaper
  • Is Smoking Vape Harmful? Is Vape Really Safe? Vape Vietnam — article by
  • Vaping can cause heavy metal poisoning — article from
  • New research on Vape: Risk of heavy metal poisoning when smoking vape and e-cigarettes — article from
  • Hostess smokes vape continuously for 3 weeks, suffering from common diseases of babies — article
  • ….

Newspapers say ” Vape smoking is harmful to health “, ” Vape smoking causes cancer “; Smoking is addictive

Vape shops say that Smoking Vape is good for health, Smoking vape helps to quit smoking, quit smoking and has many outstanding benefits compared to traditional cigarettes…

For a newbie to vape like you, but hearing a lot of different opinions leads to a lot of different thoughts in your head such as; don’t know which one is right, which one is wrong and don’t know who to believe now?

At that time, you feel anxious and insecure even though you are a person who needs to use vape and wants to learn and experience this new product line.

In my opinion, don’t believe anyone’s words, but use your thinking, understanding, and knowledge to analyze, recognize and evaluate this vape product.

I believe, you have enough wisdom, enough knowledge and enough intelligence to know what is right and what is wrong and then make a decision.

So what do you need to do now?

Find out “What is a vape? What is the nature of this product? why was it born? Who invented it, what was it born for?…

=> you can learn from a reliable source that is (this is the encyclopedia that provides very accurate, honest and scientific information), learn about what vaping is at wikipedia

After you have learned about what vaping is at the Wiki page, you have an overview of this product line so why are the newspapers all saying “Vape is harmful to health or causes cancer…”

Why does the newspaper say Smoking Vape is bad for your health?

Do you know what journalism is? — Newspaper is a page that provides information, for the purpose of advertising, promoting products, brands, businesses or individuals…

  • So why are newspapers writing Vape bad for health — answer: because they get paid to do so
  • Who pays for the pages that write that — answer: it’s the traditional tobacco companies
  • Why do traditional cigarette companies do that — answer: because the introduction of electronic cigarettes (vape) into Vietnam caused a lot of people to gradually switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to using vape, this has made competition and reduce the revenue of traditional tobacco companies.
  • So it’s obvious that they pump money for websites that write harmful vaping.

However, there is a question here that when we read the content from those articles, there are many ideas that we still find reasonable.

There are articles that also give evidence, data … to convince?

Okay ! Let’s answer this question

Is vaping really harmful? so in which case it is harmful?

Smoking the wrong way: if the user smokes vape in the wrong way, it is not only harmful to health but also a case of fire and explosion …

How is the wrong way:

  • You use vape essential oils of unknown origin, essential oils from China or expired essential oils…
  • You do not clean the vape coil, vape cotton during use leads to oxidation or decay, which will create toxins.
  • You leave essential oils overnight leading to rancidity, spoilage, loss of smell… this also affects your health
  • You use steel wires containing lead, toxic metals as vape coils, this also affects health.
  • You use medical cotton that has been removed for vaping, which will also create toxins and be harmful to health.
  • If you build the coil yourself and wrong Ohm allow this, there is a risk of explosion
  • You use fake goods, fake goods, poor quality goods will also be burned

You can find out more in the article Guide to Smoking vape properly for Newbies

You already know, the nature of vaping is beneficial to health , the purpose of vaping is to quit smoking , to have fun, but if you use it in the wrong way, it will definitely be harmful to you. health already.

The UK government also promotes the use of vaping as a way to quit smoking, they also published an article published on the use of vaping for health care, you can find out at: https://www.

Vidu: The essence of sausage is delicious food for the purpose of providing nutrition for the body – however, if you are unfortunate enough to eat the types of sausages that people make from rancid meat, it will definitely be harmful. for your health.

When going out to eat, if you know how to choose the right delicious and clean restaurant, this is great, but if you accidentally eat at a restaurant where the owner cooks rancid food, or removes chemicals that increase profit, this is definitely bad for your health.

You see, good or bad is that we understand its nature and know how to choose quality and safe products.

  • Learn more: Are Pod Smoking Harmful?

What are the benefits of vaping?

  • Vape keeps your breath fresh

In the essential oil of Vape, there are aromas that create pleasant aromas such as mint, chocolate, candy, milk coffee, .. some other types have a fruity aroma that is extracted from fruit essential oils, so the breath should be. Your smoke will not smell like when smoking. This scent will also stay in your throat for a while, so you can feel the flavor from the essential oil for a long time. Now there are many different flavors for you to choose according to your liking.

  • Vape’s smoke is environmentally friendly

Because Vape’s mechanism of action is to burn essential oils from water to vapor, the smoke emitted by Vape will not be as toxic as cigarettes, on the contrary, the smoke of Vape has a pleasant aroma that will not make people around you. must be uncomfortable, so you are completely safe to use vape in crowded places.

  • Vape does not stain teeth

The main ingredients of essential oils are from water, fruit oils, nicotine and flavorings, so when used, they will not stick to your teeth, so your teeth will not be stained. When you use tobacco, the tar will combine with the thin film on your teeth, which will make your teeth yellow.

  • Reduce stress (relieve stress)

This is one of the important benefits that many people have come to Vape as a toy that can be entertained. When you exhale the smoke, it is also the time when your body pushes all the stress and depression in you out, so after each smoke release, you will feel more comfortable and refreshed. This is also a method to help you reduce stress quickly after difficult times in life or the pressure of work.

  • Skin is not yellow and dry

In vape essential oil includes both water and fruit oil, so when you use it, the amount of water in the skin will not be lost so your skin is still shiny and smooth. At the same time, your skin will not be yellow because essential oils are not toxic like cigarettes.

  • Make you confident and stand out from the crowd

Using a vape will be much more luxurious and elegant than holding a cigarette. When you use a vape in a crowded place, it will not affect everyone around you and can chat comfortably without worrying about bad breath. In addition, Vape also satisfies the passion for those with personality who want to be creative with smoke. You can practice professional Tricks techniques such as: shoot O, bend O, Friench Inhale (French inhalation), Jelly fish (make jellyfish)…

Is nicotine in vaping dangerous or addictive?

The answer is “Smoking Vape is not addictive or only mildly addictive”

Because nicotine is probably benign for most people. It causes a temporary increase in heart rate and high blood pressure because it constricts blood vessels as the body absorbs it.

Therefore, if people have cardiovascular disease, they should not smoke vapes, especially those with serious heart failure.

As discussed above, it is probably best for women who want to avoid pregnancy during pregnancy, so women who carry should not use vaping in particular or nicotine in general.

But years of research on NRT users and scientists in Sweden show that nicotine without the process of burning does not pose a significant risk for cardiovascular events or stroke.

Many people, including some doctors, have the mistaken idea that nicotine causes cancer. That is simply not true. While there is some evidence that nicotine may promote the growth of some tumors, it cannot therefore be said that nicotine causes cancer.

Current thinking is that nicotine itself is at best mildly addictive.

Nicotine can be addictive, although there’s a lot of doubt about that. Smokers get a blast of free nicotine to the brain, which in combination with other substances increases the addictive potential of nic. Other forms of consumption, like NRT or smokeless tobacco, release the drug slowly into the body.

Current thinking is that nicotine itself is at best mildly addictive. There’s no reason to think that the nicotine in e-cigarettes is any more addictive than nicotine patches or gum. According to Jean-Francois Etter and Thomas Eissenberg, “E-cigarettes may be less addictive than nicotine gums, which are not themselves addictive.”

Does vaping make you infertile?

In fact, to date, there has not been an official study to confirm that vaping can cause infertility for smokers. A somewhat negative opinion for this type of device was once said by Dr Helen O’Neil at the UK Reproductive Health Conference (2017). According to Dr. Helen O’Neil, it is the Courmarin that exists in the essential oil that is the cause of the incalculable potential risk.

After penetrating into the blood, it can cause the sex hormones estrogen (male) and testosterone (female) to be reversed. In men, this toxic chemical can harm sperm, while in women, it is easy to affect the health of the fetus, even causing mutations and miscarriage in some cases.

Surely some of you will wonder what is Coumarin? Courmarin is one of the chemical compounds capable of synthesizing to create an artificial scent for essential oils.

For profit reasons, many less reputable manufacturers instead of using natural incense extracts have used this substance to create a variety of scents. It is this callousness that has caused a portion of users to encounter many health problems, as well as make Vape unjustly known. – Source:

Can vaping cause cancer?

A study conducted last year by scientists from British American Tobacco, and published in the journal Mutation Research, tested both e-cig vapors with cigarette smoke for their ability to induce cell mutations. in bacteria. The fumes are mutagenic, and also toxic to bacteria, while the vapors are neither mutagenic nor toxic.

It’s not absolute proof, but a very good indicator that the vapor is unlikely to cause cancer. In addition, despite many news stories about small-scale studies, all of the toxins present in e-cigarette (vape) vapor were found in much smaller doses. Our bodies are able to fight cancer-causing toxins up to a point, and it is well known that minor exposure to toxins is not usually a risk.

Many people, including some doctors, have the mistaken idea that nicotine causes cancer.

According to a report by e-cigarette experts, “Under normal conditions of use, toxic concentrations in e-cigarette vapors may be below the regulatory limit for occupational exposure. “

Another study concluded that long-term vaping (but not vaping and smoking together) “is associated with significantly reduced levels of carcinogens and toxins measured in relation to smoking only combustible tobacco.” .”

There is no current evidence that vaping – with or without nicotine – causes cancer – – Source:

Conclusion: Smoking vape does not cause cancer, but if you smoke poor quality essential oils, it will affect your health.

Does vaping make teeth yellow?

Not only does smoking vape not yellow your teeth, but it also helps you whiten your teeth because the ingredients in vape essential oils are extracted from fruits to help you always smell good, always whiten your teeth naturally without yellowing Traditional smoking.

Bad vaping problems lately?

A lot of articles have been written about vape explosions recently, such as the article ” Losing 7 teeth because an e-cigarette exploded “. It is true that there is an explosion, but as I said above, the vape explodes because the user does not know how to use it or uses it the wrong way.

Here are the causes of vape exploding:

  • Due to poor quality vape PIN or fake PIN
  • Due to wrong PIN charging
  • Due to strong impact during use
  • Due to scratching the PIN during use
  • Due to building a vape coil so that the Ohm is too low or too high is not within the manufacturer’s regulations.

Some notes when using Vape that you need to know

Although vaping brings a lot of benefits to us, it is also harmful in some respects. Although vape oil contains much less nicotine than cigarettes, the presence of nicotine is not beneficial (3mg nicotine concentration in e-liquid is only equal to 3 Jet cigarettes that you often see). . Because of this, when choosing essential oils, you must carefully look at the nicotine concentration to choose the right one for your needs, and at the same time, you must choose a reputable seller to buy genuine essential oils to ensure health, avoid buying Vape types, floating essential oils, unclear origin have a lot of toxic chemicals, so they are sold at a very cheap price. When you find it cheap to use those essential oils, it is extremely bad for your health. Friend.

Vape should be for young people who are over 18 years old, because at this age, the body’s resistance is at its best. Do not use vaping in places with children or pregnant women. In public places with no smoking signs, you should not use them in those places. You should also not vape indiscriminately, so use it in moderation.

When you want to do professional tricks with vape smoke, be patient with practice, initially you should use the basic types of vape to get used to it and then gradually move on to more advanced, specialized vape types. more professional to perform.

How do I know if the Vape I buy is genuine or not?

You can completely check for yourself whether the Vape product you buy is genuine or fake or poor quality. On each machine, there will be a separate Code provided by the manufacturer on each box of the product. You get that Code and follow the instructions to check.

The above method can only be applied to those who buy directly at the Vape store, and those who buy online must choose reputable and quality sales websites with full genuine warranty service. When using, you should learn how to use it carefully to avoid damage or taste not as you want, or it can be harsh in the throat because you adjust it wrongly or smoke too hard.

Essential oils are the deciding factor for using Vape more beneficial or harmful, so you should choose genuine high-grade essential oils. The best essential oils on the market are from Malaysia, the US, the UK, Italy, etc. In each country, the essential oils will have their own unique characteristics, for example, Malaysian essential oil has a strong taste, and essential oils. America will contain less nicotine…

The conclusion is that everything has both advantages and disadvantages, so does Vape. Depending on the purpose you use it, it is possible to maximize the benefits of vaping, especially helping you to quit smoking more easily. Through more sharing, hopes that it will help you better understand the benefits of Vape and partially answer the question of whether Vape is harmful.

After reading this article, do you know if vaping is harmful or beneficial? and I believe you have the most satisfactory answer to the question “Is vaping harmful, addictive, cancer, infertility, yellow teeth?” then isn’t it!

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