Instructions on how to smoke a vape correctly and how to create a lot of smoke safely

To create a lot of smoke, keep the true flavor of the essential oil, you need to know how to smoke a vape . Each type of vape will have its own characteristics, so the way to use it is definitely different. To help you have the best experience when playing vape, we will provide the most detailed instructions on how to use vape for each line through the article content below.

Instructions on how to smoke vape properly

  • Step 1 : Open the vape, select the configuration and install according to the manufacturer. See user manual.
  • Step 2 : Add essential oil to the top of the combustion chamber. Pay attention to the area around the burner!
  • Step 3 : Press the button and start sucking, exhaling quickly. If you are a beginner, you will not be used to it and it is easy to cough and choke. So practice as many times as you can to master it.

A guide to the Vape series using a tank with coil occ

– How to smoke

The usage of tank occ vapes is quite simple, there is no need to build coils or cotton wicks, so new players often choose to start with this type. First, you need to fill the tank with essential oil and wait for about 7-10 minutes for the oil to soak into the cotton ball.

smoke vape properly
Fill the tank with essential oil with the right amount

You need to make sure the Ohm rating of the vape is between 0.2 and 0.5. If this index is too high, the combustion process will be difficult, causing the machine to overheat. On the contrary, if Ohm is high, it will cause unsafety for players.

Next, you adjust the machine capacity to the appropriate level. Usually new players will start with a power level of 30W to 50W. You need to check and adjust the ventilation holes to suit the suction capacity.

Hold the camera vertically, creating a 90 degree right angle with the ground or a 30 degree tilt. Then, you put the device to your mouth, suck on the drip tips (suction tip) and then press and pull the suction with moderate suction.

– Note when using

  • Do not put oil into the tank too full, only from 30% to 70% of the tank depending on your suction capacity. If you add too much, the essential oil will spill out and when you smoke, it will easily stick in your mouth.
be careful when smoking vape
Smoking vape properly helps to create more smoke and retain the flavor of the essential oil
  • Only suck on the drip tips, do not suck on the tank because it can cause burns when the tank heats up.
  • Suction slowly and do not smoke for too long to avoid choking.
  • Do not smoke many times continuously in a short period of time because the essential oil will not penetrate into the cotton, easily causing fire.
  • Do not leave the oil in the tank overnight to avoid melting, evaporating the essential oil and changing the taste.
  • Use batteries and adjust the suction power to match the capacity of the machine.
  • Regularly clean coils and tank tubes.

Tank RDA Series Guide

– How to smoke

The RDA Tank Vape has a more complex suction, requiring more technique than the occ tank. To smoke Tank RDA, you need to do the following in turn:

  • Check the coil: Make sure the coil is red evenly, the coils are not open, and the screws at the base of the coil are tightened.
  • Wick the coil just right, neither too tight nor too loose.
  • Adjust the resistor to match the tank, box (usually the resistance of this line ranges from 0.15Ohm to 0.4Ohm).
vape tank line RDA
Vape Tank RDA series has a simple way of smoking tank occ
  • Adjust the machine capacity and ventilation holes to match the suction capacity.
  • Add essential oil to the coil and evenly apply it to the cotton ball.
  • Suck into the drip tips, press the button, suck with moderate force for about 5 to 7 seconds and enjoy.

– Note when using

  • The cotton wick must be properly wicked so that it can be inserted into the coil easily and without deflecting the coil.
  • The suction is moderate, if it is too strong, it will easily choke, and if it is too light, the oil is not burned and produces little smoke.
  • Change cotton wool and clean coils daily.

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  • Replace the coil when there are signs of rust or once every 1-2 months on average.
  • Only suck on the drip tips, not on the tank to avoid burns.
  • Choose the type of coil that suits your model and needs.
  • Avoid smoking for too long in one suction so as not to choke, not to burn the cotton wool and to ensure safety.

Guide to Tank RTA or RDTA

– How to smoke

Tank RTA and RDTA are 2 vape lines with many advantages, for a delicious and rich flavor, lots of smoke. However, how to use and clean this line of vape is quite complicated, requiring more techniques and time. The correct way to vape is as follows:

vape series Tank RTA and RDTA
Tanks RTA and RDTA have the most complicated use in vape lines
  • Check the Ohm resistance of the coil and adjust the vape wattage.
  • Open the lens, proceed to wick cotton to the coil.
  • Add essential oil to evenly wet the coil and cotton wool in the coil.
  • Reinsert the lens.
  • Put essential oil into the tank, the level of oil is about 30% to 70% compared to the capacity of the tank.
  • Suck into the drip tips and pull the suction for 5 to 7 causes.

– Note when using

  • Wick cotton moderately, avoid loosening or moving the coil.
  • Do not smoke many times in a row in a short period of time to avoid burning the cotton because the cotton has not yet absorbed the essential oil.
  • Do not leave essential oils and cotton in the coil for a long time to avoid generating dirt and toxins, it is best to change the cotton and clean the coil regularly, on average once a day.
  • If the coil is oxidized or damaged, it needs to be replaced.
  • Pour essential oil into the tank to fit the needs of use to save, do not pour too much causing excess and do not leave the oil in the tank overnight.
  • Clean, store vape in a dry place when not in use.
how to clean vape
Need to clean the vape clean and often during use

How to smoke a lot of smoke

Adjusting the VG and PG . Ratio

PG and VG are the two main elements that make up a complete Vape juice bottle. Besides, VG and PG also have a great influence on the level of smoke generation of a regular Vape device.

PG is the factor that helps bring a throat hit feeling of class standard, helping Vapers when used will experience the best taste adventures. Juices with a high PG ratio are very suitable for new vapers who have just given up smoking and still have cravings. You will feel refreshed and satisfied when smoking juices with a higher PG ratio than VG.

The way to adjust a lot of smoke is to choose a juice with a higher VG ratio than PG but still ensure that it can create great and impressive throat hits. The most “beautiful” VG:PG ratio that Vape players often use is at 60:40 or 70:30. In general, the ratio of VG and PG is extremely important, so you need to be very careful if you want to create a lot of smoke when smoking.

Make coil build technique right

The ability to create smoke depends on the Ohm rating of the coil. The lower the Ohm, the faster the tank heats up, creating more smoke. However, you must adjust the Ohm within the allowable limit. If this reading falls below the minimum value, the battery may be overloaded, causing an explosion.

build coils with correct technique
Need to build coil properly to create a lot of smoke

Check your vape battery

Checking the battery is also a very effective way to tune a vape with a lot of smoke. In the structure of Vape, the battery is an extremely important energy-generating part. In order for a Vape device to function properly, a good battery is required. Vape batteries not only affect the taste when smoked, but also make the vape smoke poorly.

When you see unusual signs happening with your Vape, it is best to change the battery. Not only that, the way the battery is charged also has a significant effect on the level of smoke generation of the Vape. Improperly discharging and charging the battery can cause the battery to deteriorate rapidly. As a result, when sucking, the battery power is not enough to vaporize the essential oil. All veteran vapers agree that batteries with large and stable discharge levels can produce extremely thick smoke screens. Therefore, you should consider choosing Vape lines with batteries with high discharge.

Adjust the ventilation hole

Allowing airflow through the coil will help the vape create more smoke, more attractive when smoked. Therefore, the famous Vape companies on the market now design Vape devices with large ventilation holes. When smoking, the air can easily circulate inside, making the smoke thicker and more delicious than before. Users can also customize it so that the most air can pass through the coil.

how to smoke vape
Adjust the ventilation hole closer to the coil to create more smoke when vaping

Things to avoid when vaping

When smoking vape, you need to note:

  • Smoking a vape is different from smoking a cigarette, you can’t squeeze and squeeze the smoke.
  • Do not press the button before smoking because it may burn the cotton and cause choking.
  • It is necessary to carefully learn about Ohm resistance before building a coil, if you are not sure about Ohm, you should not arbitrarily build a coil to avoid danger when using.
  • Before putting it in your pocket, pocket, you should turn off the vape source to ensure safety when there is a phenomenon of being inserted and causing an explosion.
  • Do not let the vape get wet or damage it.
  • Do not put in fire to avoid battery explosion.

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At this point, you already know how to smoke vape for each line, right? For more information about vaping, you can refer to the website:

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