Instructions for safe use of vape batteries – Part 1

Vape sales on official stores and websites increased sharply. Ask manufacturing companies to develop technology that ensures the safety of their customers. However, many fake and poor quality Vape processing factories make users worry that Vape explodes when used. Choosing batteries, using and storing vape batteries safely is always a question of every vaper. Today, shop will bring you the most comprehensive article, instructions for safe use of vape batteries – Part 1 correctly and effectively.

What is the role of vape batteries?

Each part of the vape has a different role and is indispensable. For vape batteries it plays an important role. Supply power to devices and help them work at their best. This part is replaceable when damaged and can be charged by you through the USB port.

Instructions for safe use of Vape Batteries – part 1

Safe vape batteries and how to use vape batteries safely part 1
Instructions for using the latest safe vape batteries part 1 2018-2019

#1: Choosing the right Mods?

Vape Mods with adjustable current are the most suitable products for new vapes. This series of Mods regulates the amount of electricity flowing through the Coil, integrating safety measures.

For example: Preventing too much current, continuous vaping time makes the battery hot so that mods have a battery explosion rate <1% of the total products available on the market today. This gives Vaper peace of mind, but Vaper should equip themselves with the basic knowledge of the following techniques.

Mods - choose the mod that suits your needs
Choose the right Mod for your vape

Mods and Battery

Always make sure your vaping device is turned off when not in use, especially if you leave your vaping device in your bag or pocket. Sometimes the button can be accidentally pressed down with enough pressure, nowadays there are many mods that have made the device safety cut-out mechanism. This is completely safe when vaping devices are not in use.

If you bring 2 or 3 spare batteries with you, you need to make sure no metal objects (keys, coins, etc.) come into contact with the battery terminals, especially your mods inserts. into the battery. This can only be achieved by completing the circuit with one lead, shorting the pin. All batteries must be properly functioning. In fact the very same battery we used in mods for quite a while. Make sure to have a qualified charger to extend the life of the battery.

#2: Charge the battery properly

  • Charge vape batteries without overcharging or over-discharging

This is the basic rule that you need to know. Many players, when fully charging the battery, forget to disconnect the power. This habit is dangerous as well as directly affects the life and quality of vape batteries.

On the other hand, there are also cases where the vape battery is not fully charged but used, causing the battery’s life to decrease in a short time. To ensure your battery is always good, you should use a charger with an auto-off mode. The battery of the vape is full, it will automatically disconnect, so the battery life and usage time is also more guaranteed.

  • Never short-circuit the battery

A short circuit will create a circuit current that leads to an extremely dangerous battery explosion. So to be on the safe side, learn carefully about the type of vape battery you use,

  • Avoid using high current charger

Vape users often want to charge their batteries quickly, so they use high-current chargers. However, that is what causes the battery of the vape to deteriorate quickly. For a long-lasting vape battery, you should use a charger with a moderate input.

How to properly charge a vape battery safely
Instructions on how to properly charge a vape battery to ensure battery safety and battery life

#3: Use the Battery once

Tuning mods may come with batteries sealed into the device, such as the iStick series. These are typically lithium polymer (LiPo) batteries and can come in a variety of shapes. They are called disposable, because once the battery inside has reached the end of its life (about 2-3 years), they cannot be replaced easily.

#4: Mechanical Mods (Mech Mods)

The line of mechanical mods creates beauty from strong lines, handmade patterns… However, as recommended by the Vape community. You should only use Mech Mod when you have knowledge and experience in using Vape. The Mech Mox line connects to the battery voltage on the Coil and is only affected by the resistance of the wire. Therefore, it is very easy to cause an explosion if Vaper does not understand Ohm’s law and some of the following instructions:

First: Make sure the vent hole is not clogged: You can check by removing the battery and blowing into the mod connector. If not, the exit fee is normal, congratulations, Mods are still working well. If not, check the vents again.

Second: Check the battery: The battery stops using when the warranty expires. Charge the battery with a voltage lower than 3.7V.

Third: Check Coil’s Resistance: Mechanical Mods don’t have an electromagnetic screen to monitor resistance, making it difficult for Vapers to know exactly if they just rely on feel. In the Build Coil Master product set, there are full range of close-up equipment for Vapers and a dedicated resistance measurement device. Note: Transmit coil resistance is above 0.1

Fourth: Check the safety latch: If Vaping for too long, Mods can get hot and cause an explosion. Vapers need to pay attention to the temperature and turn on the lock when left in the bag or during periods of non-use.

Mech Mod- safe vape battery
Instructions for safe use of vape batteries part 1

#5: Ohm .’s Law

Understanding and mastering Ohm’s law is arguably the most important thing in using a mechanical mod safely. The relationship between voltage, amperage, and resistance of the wire is shown through Ohm’s law.

Step 1: The resistance of the wire is checked after Build with specialized equipment. In electrical engineering or you can use the resistance meter in the Build Coild Master kit.

Step 2: Check the coil, work with amps the coil will pull from the battery. You do it using the formula: A=V/R.

Step 3: Vape is attached Coil, cotton used to test the battery temperature is abnormally hot or not.

Sub Ohm can reduce the life of the Mod, burn the battery, and even cause an explosion. Experienced vapers can still do this within certain limits for the purpose of creating new scents and experiences.

Awareness of Ohm’s Law is arguably the most important part of using a mechanical mod safely. Ohm’s law considers the relationship between power, voltage, and current. It’s based on the battery’s amp – this amp rating is the battery’s current, in other words the battery’s ability to release the energy stored in it.

Ohm .'s Law
Applying Ohm’s Law Formula

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Notes to have the best and safe way to charge a vape battery

You should buy and use a separate charger for how to charge a vape battery. Particularly, the box mod line that uses 2 or more batteries requires a touch charger that cannot be charged directly. Vape using 2 or more batteries has no USB port. Removable charging devices can store backup chargers, increasing Vape life.

Batteries should not come into contact with metal, when charging individual batteries. Batteries should not come into contact with each other or in contact with any metal. Batteries will be adversely affected if exposed to metal. Metal can absorb heat, transmit electricity.. so when exposed, it is easy to cause a fire.

Charge the vape battery as soon as the battery is 3.6v. When there is only 3.6v left, the battery may die, or damage the chemical structure in the battery due to the inability to continue using it, but the user can still use it. You should pay attention to this number for the battery for better use. In fact, it is difficult to determine the standard V number, so a multimeter is required. Plug in the battery to charge when you feel the battery has a decreasing discharge. Vape batteries keep their lifespan if you use them regularly. Regular use, the battery works in moderation, and if you leave it for a long time, do not use it. Then the battery will be worn or moldy, with a high chance of damage.

If you want a good, safe and long-lasting battery. Should choose reputable stores to buy and get advice. is a prestigious address for you. Along with that, you need to know how to charge the battery properly to ensure its longevity and maximum savings.

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