Guidelines for safe use of vape batteries – Part 2

Continue the article on how to use Vape batteries – Part 2. We will introduce to Vapers the factors that affect battery life and how to increase battery life during use.


The vape battery is an important part of a vape device. It has the role of providing power for the device to function at its best. For a vape device to work, you need to charge the battery and it needs to be charged properly. Many people wonder how to properly charge a vape battery and ensure the longevity of the device. Join me to learn more about this issue to have more experience when playing vape.

In the vape department, the vape battery is an important part that cannot be ignored. With the advantages of Vape, it is now very popular in the world as well as in Vietnam. When it comes to vaping safely and properly, you can enjoy a variety of benefits. Charge vape batteries properly and safely. How safe to use vape batteries is what vapers care about. Even new players will help you use vape in the best and most economical way.

Instructions for safe use of Vape Batteries – part 2

Part 2- guide to safe use of vape batteries
Vape batteries- safe to use vape batteries part 2

#1: Temperature

As you probably know, if your battery is overheating, that is a factor affecting the life of the battery. Keeping the battery from overheating will slow down the battery’s aging and help it last longer. All to better vape.

In addition, the battery is also affected by humidity and weather. They can protrude, bubble, melt, etc. and damage your device. Therefore, it is necessary to pay more attention and avoid bringing e-cigarettes to places with high humidity or uncontrolled temperature.

Feeling its battery become abnormally hot or not is extremely important if you want to vape safely. Never allow the battery to overheat, near a source of direct heat. The higher the battery temperature, the shorter the battery life, the more easily the battery is damaged.

What is the temperature of the vape battery that must be guaranteed? Click to view. will show you

#2: Internal resistance of vape battery

Vaper batteries realize that the internal resistance of the battery has a significant influence on the life and time of battery use. Internal resistance can be understood as the resistance of the coil that was introduced by in the article on how to use vape batteries part 1.
Like Coil manufacturers require a resistance of at least 0.1 Ohm. But with normal batteries is 0.02 Ohm or less depending on the type of battery. When the resistance is too low, the current flows continuously causing the temperature of the battery to rise high. Internal resistance always has 2 sides of low resistance, high discharge to help the temperature rise quickly. High resistance, low discharge, slow temperature rise.

When a Vape Battery reaches a certain age or fails due to external forces the internal resistance starts to increase thereby causing the battery to heat up. This leads to battery swelling (mostly appearing in disposable batteries), explosion and battery leakage or increasing the battery temperature so high that the difference can be felt when held in the hand.

Gas escaping from the battery through the outlet hole is a way to ensure safety from the manufacturing company. When the temperature exceeds the specified level, the chemical in the battery interacts freely to create gas.

Vape battery- internal resistance of vape battery do you know?
Find out the internal resistance of a vape battery

#3: Battery life

The most noticeable thing when the battery comes to the time to replace the base is the capacity of the battery. The usage time after fully charging the battery is the most accurate measure in this case. If the time is too short, you should replace the battery immediately. Because not only time and capacity are affected, but even the safety of the battery when in use is calculated based on battery life.

  • Fully charge your battery after first use

The first step in taking care of your battery should be to fully charge it after the first use. For nickel-based batteries you will need about 8 hours to complete this care step. As for lithium-based batteries, it doesn’t take much time, but manufacturers always encourage you to charge at least until the battery is completely full.

  • Regular use of your device

Just like cell phone batteries, vape device batteries are designed to be used on a regular basis. Battery life and efficiency are greatly affected by regular usage. It always causes the cells of the battery to be electrified. But you won’t necessarily use it too constantly. Intermittent use to avoid cravings is the most effective use.

  • Don’t completely discharge your battery

One of the basics to increasing battery life is knowing when your battery needs to be charged. Usually you will have to charge the battery as soon as the battery is almost empty or below 30%. A completely depleted battery can cause battery death, damaging the chemical structure of the battery.

  • Store the battery in a reasonable place

Battery storage is one of the most important things to increase battery life. Do not leave the battery in a hot, humid, dusty place. Avoid exposing the battery to sunlight and store it in a cool place. If you keep it in a briefcase or bag, keep the battery in a separate box or bag. Avoid letting small objects such as keys, coins tear the battery protection layer. And remove the battery from the device when not in use to prevent the juice from leaking into the battery.

  • Unplug when the battery is full

All types of battery chargers or boxes with included charging ports have a light indicator when the battery is full. Stop recharging as soon as you see this message. Although chargers often have auto-shutdown modes, the charger’s receivers will somewhat damage your battery if left for too long. To be on the safe side, remove the battery and remove the charger from the plug for the longest use time.

  • Always keep your battery clean

After being used for a period of time when dusty and dirty, the essential oil leaks onto the battery. The energy transfer of the battery will be less. The battery contacts can be cleaned with a cotton swab or small cloth. But absolutely do not use water.

How to increase the life of a vape battery
Instructions on how to increase the life of Vape Batteries

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Classification of current ratings of vape batteries

If the battery rating may be exaggerated. So how do vapers filter out what is the true rating of the battery and what is the exaggerated number?. The best way is that you always have to remember those huge numbers too well to be true.

Although there is a lot of hype surrounding battery development. But the truth is it is still a slow evolutionary process, there can be no sudden breakthrough. Maybe every few weeks there will be a rumor of a process breakthrough in the battery industry, but that only exists in the laboratory. Those batteries won’t be on the market, or even ever. And most of them are batteries with high capacity but low amperage.

Let’s take a look at some criteria to see what the actual battery rating is. First, we need to know the difference between different current ratings:

Rated amperage

  • Also known as continuous discharge rating (CDR), maximum continuous current rating (MCC) or maximum continuous discharge current rating (MCD).
  • This is the maximum continuous current that the battery can supply up to a given voltage without increasing the temperature and causing the battery to suffer capacity loss.

Fast discharge current

  • Also used to specify the continuous discharge of the battery.
  • This is the maximum amperage you can draw from the battery without too much impact on battery life. As vapers, we can pull this number out a bit.
  • Usually accompanied by a minimum discharge current rating.
  • Low rated, usually used for low amperage devices such as flashlights.
  • This rating is used when the metric to be evaluated is battery life.

Maximum discharge current

  • Used to specify the maximum amount of current a battery can supply for a period of time.

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