Guide to buy cheap and quality shisha coal

What is shisha coal?

The burning coal functions as a igniter – a flammable substance like a fire or a lighter. When the coal starts to burn – the heat released from the coal will ignite.

coal shisha coco
coal shisha coco

Charcoal used for smoking hookah is a material used to ignite the cigarette to create a shisha scent, they are designed and constructed very specifically.

Is shisha coal important?

A delicious shisha need medication thom.Tuy average course, that’s not the only thing that helps people deal with something very man.Boi important that smoking shisha charcoal shisha .Than good help heat stability to the smoke shisha DME Let’s check with Hookah Shisha Kim Ma to see where to buy the cleanest shisha coal today!

How many types of shisha coal?

Sorting shisha coal by shape

Shisha coal has 2 common types: square coconut charcoal and activated carbon.

– Square coconut shisha charcoal has the characteristics of long priming time, has a square shape, requires a charcoal priming machine, and the fire lasts about 1h30-2 hours.

Cheap square coconut charcoal
Cheap square coconut charcoal

– Activated shisha charcoal priming quickly from 2s-15 minutes.

Sorting shisha coal by material

There are many ways to classify shisha coal. If based on the material that makes shisha coal, we have the following 3 types of coal:

shisha coal promotion
Types of shisha activated carbon round shape



-Charcoal is formed from natural wood firewood that has been charred to form coal. Then undergo pyrolysis to clean all impurities leaving only carbon.

Charcoal pressed powder

Charcoal powder mainly on the market today is from coconut shell charcoal powder.Coconut shell charcoal powder is finely ground like sand to mix into water.Then put it in the adhesive solution and then pressed and dried to form pressed coconut shell charcoal. .

This is cold pressed coal without heat but must have a binder additive. Mixing the additive makes the charcoal when burned even has a burning additive smell. This greatly affects the taste of the shisha.

Even the adhesive additives are safe enough. If not enough, toxic fumes will be emitted when burning. Therefore, “players” often choose this type of coal less often.

Charcoal pressed sawdust

To bind pressed sawdust. Manufacturers need to use intense pressure and high temperature to bond. Then make sawdust charcoal and then turn it into shisha charcoal. 100% natural commitment without additives. This is a heat press coal, so there is no need for bonding additives to stick because natural wood automatically shrinks and pulls the adhesive cellulose.

Why use quality shisha charcoal?

The quality of shisha coal is extremely important. Coal smoke will directly affect the health of the player. Because when the user smokes, the shisha coal will be the fuel to dry the medicine. At the same time, it will create smoke through the pipe. to the bottom of the bottle.Finally filtered through the water and the user will be smoking that smoke.

When buying shisha coal, you need to pay attention to safety and cleanliness. Because when using, people are in direct contact with coal smoke. Genuine and quality shisha coal has to go through a standard preparation process. .At the same time, the production process and technique are extremely strict.

Standards for evaluating the quality of shisha coal

To be evaluated as a safe and quality shisha charcoal, it is necessary to ensure the following requirements:

-Chemical content in the right amount of locator
-When burning coal, no more toxic gas is generated
-Ash must be clean and absolutely sulfur-free.

On the market today, there are quite a few types of coal used to smoke shisha without clear origin. There are shisha coals containing sulfur that ignite very quickly. Especially when you buy Shisha coal from China. The country also mixes chemicals such as sulfur, magnesium, etc., which are very toxic when inhaled by humans.

Where to buy quality shisha charcoal?

One of the reasons many people buy shisha coal at the Hookah Shisha Kim Ma Investment fund is that the coal is safe and clean. To produce this shisha coal, the producer must follow a strict production process. with many.Quality shisha coal is coal that has the following elements:

No harmful substances in the process of smoking
No sulfur content.This is a very dangerous substance to human life.

If you want to buy shisha coal, then go to Hookah Shisha Kim Ma Investment fund. This is an address that sells very quality coal, drugs and hookah accessories. Trust and choose Hookah Shisha Kim Ma Investment fund to get it. the best “tasty” shisha experience!

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