Fragrant tobacco

What is aromatic tobacco? Are scented cigarettes toxic, harmful to the health of the user or not? Join Clickkhongthuocla to learn more through the following article.

What is aromatic tobacco?

Many people have realized the terrible effects of tobacco on human health. However, they did not choose to quit smoking. They gradually switched to using scented tobacco. This is a new cigarette, a modern cigarette. Many people spread among themselves that this type of tobacco will not cause any harm to human health.

All tobacco ingredients are in the core of the cigarette. They are made from the tobacco plant . Mountain people take tobacco leaves directly to dry, question and smoke. This is the rudimentary form of the cigarette. However, they stink and have a bitter taste, which is difficult to smoke this type of tobacco.

For industrially produced cigarettes, the main ingredient that is made is still tobacco leaves. At the same time, they add other additives in the form of a solution. They are extracted with different chemical composition, Thus, will give the cigarette very different flavors when used.

As for scented cigarettes, the product is added to chemical solutions to bring many different aromas. It can be mint, orange, lemon, etc.

In essence, tobacco itself has no scent. They only have an aroma when added to the chemical flavoring, flavoring, flavoring, …

Where do aromatic cigarettes come from?

Fragrant cigarettes are now popular with young people. Although this type of tobacco appeared after American grass . It’s not like a traditional cigarette. It does not cause an unpleasant pungent odor, nor does it cause a burning smell. In particular, customers can choose from a variety of flavors to their liking. There are many scent flavors that attract users such as: strawberry, grape, or cherry, …

Are flavored cigarettes toxic? Should you use flavored tobacco?

Many people believe that scented cigarettes are not harmful to users. Because they are not harmful to the health of the user. Essentially, scented tobacco does not cause illness or any kind of discomfort to the user. Therefore, many people gradually switch to smoking cessation with aromatic cigarettes instead of using smoking cessation mouthwashes.

However , many experts have done research on these types of tobacco. They claim that this drug does not contain many harmful substances. However, it still contains a small amount of nicotine. Although this amount is small, it still makes users addicted.

In fact, according to statistical surveys, many people smoke more fragrant cigarettes than using conventional cigarettes. They are addicted and want to use more. This happens due to the mechanism when the body is addicted, it will require a more adequate supply of nicotine to the body.

So even if the scent is mild, fragrant cigarettes still contain many toxic substances that affect the health of the smoker and everyone around.

Scented cigarettes are also nicotine-containing cigarettes, so they are harmful to health

How does smoking affect the amount of nicotine in the blood?

The exposure time between cigarette smoke and inhalation is highly dependent on nicotine absorption.

Cigars are considered a heavy tobacco. Even pipe tobacco. People who use tobacco also only babble, but do not actually smoke. Thus, cigarette smoke only touches mainly in the throat, pharynx and upper respiratory tract.

For example, the larynx, nicotine will enter the bloodstream through the lining of the pharynx, larynx. In contrast, tobacco is called a light ingredient, causing the user to inhale deeply, taking full advantage of the alveoli. Thus, nicotine will enter the body through the lining of small bronchi and alveoli. Thus, the body will absorb this amount of nicotine very well and quickly. The amount of nicotine in the body is also not reduced at all.

What is the selling price of scented cigarettes on the market?

This fragrant tobacco is sold quite a lot in Vietnam. It is not difficult to get this drug. Tobacco is also not a prohibited item for sale or use. Therefore, they are sold everywhere, at markets, grocery stores, social networks, entertainment venues such as bars, karaoke bars, etc. This type of tobacco will cost 3-5 times more expensive than drugs. ordinary leaves.

Young people still do not understand about scented cigarettes. They still think this type of tobacco is harmless. However, only e-cigarettes are recognized as harmless . All other tobaccos remain unproven.

As such, human health is priceless. People need to protect it in the best way. We should not use tobacco, should consider quitting today to protect our health.

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