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One of the indispensable materials to create a quality vape device is vape cotton . So what is this and how does it work with vape? Let’s find out right here!

1. What is a Vape Cotton?

In vaping, cotton plays a very important role. They are used to absorb essential oils, high-quality, premium e-cigarettes will absorb the oil faster and help create a more delicious vape smoke. On the contrary, if you use a cheap type, when sucking deeply or sucking with high power, they will be very flammable and clumpy.

What is a vape cotton?
Find out what is vape cotton?

When you activate the vape, an electric current flows to the filament to heat the filament. At the same time, the cotton in the vape will absorb the essential oil to make the oil more refined with the nicotine and create vape smoke. Because cotton is relatively flammable, in the process of using vape users will often have to clean and change new cotton.

In particular, if you use cheap cotton, you have to clean and change the cotton more often if you don’t want the vape smoke to have an unpleasant smell and reduce the life of the vape.

2. Hot vape cotton, cheapest price today

2.1 Vape Cotton (Medical Cotton)

One of the most popular types of cotton today is cotton or medical cotton. People who are just learning to play vape often choose this type because of its low price, ability to quickly absorb essential oils, and easy to find and buy. However, it is also not immune to possessing some disadvantages, which are:

  • Very flammable and after burning will leave coil residue
  • After a period of use, it may cause the coil to become black and deposit
  • The taste when smoking vape is not delicious
  • The process of changing cotton is complicated, some are too loose, and some are easy to clump so it is difficult to roll into the coil
medical cotton for vape
Medical cotton can be used for vape

2.2 Cotton Muji Vape

Some people wonder if it’s okay to use cotton swabs for vaping? The answer is yes, but it depends on the type. For example, Japanese Muji Vape cotton makeup remover.

In fact, this is a famous makeup remover from the land of the rising sun that is very popular with women. They are divided into small pieces, moderate looseness and white, smooth, absorbent cotton fibers. So when used, the taste is very even.

Because Muji cotton is produced for beauty purposes, they are very clean, antibacterial and not too bleached. That’s why when used for vape you will find that the oil is quickly absorbed, has a smooth suction, and has a good taste. However, the price is a bit high compared to medical cotton.

Cotton Muji Vape
Cotton Muji Vape

How to use Muji Vape cotton is quite simple, you just need to separate the inner cotton layer, then divide it into small strips and wrap it around the vape coil.

2.3 Cotton Bacon

The next type of cotton is Bacon cotton, which is currently used very popularly. They are manufactured based on modern American technology. Bacon cotton is packaged in bags, each of which is divided into different strips and has a maximum of 10 strips. Bacon cotton has 2 types Bacon v1 and Bacon V2.

The material used to make bacon cotton is derived from 100% Organic Cotton, so it is very pure and clean. Therefore, when used for vape, it will not clump and retain the flavor of essential oils, the smoke will increase when smoking, and the scent is very delicious. However, the price of this type is quite high.

Cotton Bacon
Bacon cotton for vape

To replace Bacon cotton for vape you just need to stretch the cotton, then shrink and roll it up. This cotton has been antibacterial, does not contain bleach, is tough and absorbs quickly. Moreover, cotton also does not burn as quickly as regular cotton.

In general, if you have the conditions and are a professional vape player, you should use Muji cotton or Bacon cotton so that when you smoke vape you can enjoy the best taste.

Cotton Muji Vape

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