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When it comes to tobacco, people still think of it as a poisonous plant. But in fact, this plant is still grown and used quite commonly. In addition to being used to produce tobacco and a few used as pesticides, tobacco plants are also used to make medicine. To better understand this plant, please follow […]

Fragrant tobacco

What is aromatic tobacco? Are scented cigarettes toxic, harmful to the health of the user or not? Join Clickkhongthuocla to learn more through the following article. What is aromatic tobacco? Many people have realized the terrible effects of tobacco on human health. However, they did not choose to quit smoking. They gradually switched to using […]

What are Marlboro Cigarettes?

Marlboro is known as a famous cigarette brand, always in TOP best selling in the world. So have you tried these 9 Marlboro IQOS cigarettes yet? Clickkhongthuocla to find out in the article below. What are Marlboro Cigarettes? Marlboro is a famous product of the world’s largest tobacco factory, Phillip Morris. Phillip Morris is the […]

Are Richmond cigarettes harmful to consumers?

Many people feel curious, new to the British brand of Richmond tobacco. They do not know if this line of cigarettes is harmful to consumers or not? Let’s find out with Clickkhongthuocla through the following article. Learn about the Richmond tobacco brand Richmond tobacco brand comes from Russia. This line of cigarettes began to be […]

What is Esse Cigarettes?

Smoking Esse causes many unimaginable harms to consumers. Many people are aware of that but still use cigarettes every day. So does using Esse cause infertility or not? Let’s find out with Clickkhongthuocla through the following article. Learn What is Esse Cigarettes? Esse cigarettes have caused a stir in the Vietnamese tobacco community for the […]

What is JET Cigarette? Is smoking JET harmful?

What do you know about Jet cigarettes – a very familiar product in the Vietnamese tobacco market? The following article Clickkhongthuocla will provide basic information you need to know about Jet cigarettes. White Jet cigarettes are a familiar brand in the Vietnamese tobacco market. Overview of Jet cigarettes Jet cigarette is a type of product […]