Are Richmond cigarettes harmful to consumers?

Many people feel curious, new to the British brand of Richmond tobacco. They do not know if this line of cigarettes is harmful to consumers or not?

Let’s find out with Clickkhongthuocla through the following article.

Learn about the Richmond tobacco brand

Richmond tobacco brand comes from Russia. This line of cigarettes began to be introduced to the UK market in 1999 to compete with famous brands such as Mayfair, Sovereign and Park Road.

This type of cigarette is ignited at one end when used. The top of the cigarette smolders and created smoke at the tip of the cigarette. This line of smoke will follow the cigarette into the smoker’s body from the opposite end, called the filter.

There is a survey statistic that more than 50% of men smoke. This means that 60% of children in Vietnam are teenagers exposed to secondhand smoke at home.

Richmond tobacco is made from the main raw material is shredded tobacco. All are fixed with paper, cylindrical shape. Normally, the length of a cigarette is less than 120mm, the diameter is about 10mm.

There are two top-selling Richmond variants in the UK, Superkings and King Size . The limited edition of this cigarette brand was launched in 2008 as “Chill Edition”.

Richmond re-launched to the world community with a new variant in August 2011 called ‘ Richmond Superslims ‘. This product has been widely spread by the media to the UK market.

Richmond is considered a premium tobacco brand. This is the most popular cigarette brand today. The rich people favor this product.

Harm of Richmond tobacco line

Cigarettes contain more than just nicotine. They also contain 7,000 other harmful chemicals. Including substances that are very toxic to the human body. Of these, 69 substances have the potential to lead to cancer .

Richmond cigarettes are manufactured in the UK market. Currently imported and sold in Vietnam market. It can be noticed that this premium tobacco has an aroma comparable to that of a cigar. However, the beauty of this drug line is that it is much more compact, small and convenient.

On the surface, Richmond looks like a regular cigarette . However, the taste is completely unique and different, worthy of a high-class tobacco. Many people only rely on the trend and smoke this type of cigarette, but do not really see the special point of the cigarette.

Any type of tobacco when smoked into the body, more or less is still harmful to health. They wreak havoc on the body mercilessly. Many dangerous diseases threaten the life of smokers and those who breathe secondhand smoke such as:

  •       Lung cancer
  •       Pneumonia
  •       Debilitate the body
  •       Causes pulmonary effusion
  •       Damage to teeth
  •       Cause testicular inflammation
  •       The main effect of physiological weakness

In which, the most dangerous are two cancers and affect the heart:

Cause cancer

The increased risk of lung cancer is one of the most dangerous effects of smoking. The cells in the lungs are destroyed when the chemicals in the smoke enter the body. Damaged cells will gradually turn into cancerous cells. Depending on the amount of smoke inhaled into the person, the time of smoking that lung cancer is nurtured and flared.

In 2011 there was a research project. They demonstrated that the five lung cancers that hit the UK in 2010 to 80% were caused by tobacco smoke. Even those who die from smoking, which causes lung cancer, are 15 times more likely than those who never smoked.

Lung cancer will decrease dramatically if the drug is stopped. At the same time, smoking also causes many other cancers such as cancers of the mouth, lips, pharynx, bladder, kidney, stomach, liver, breast and cervix.

Causing cardiovascular disease

Smoking is the main cause of heart disease and stroke. The risk of heart attack of smokers will increase 2 times compared to those who do not smoke and are affected by secondhand smoke.

Cigarette smoke damages the walls of blood vessels. The “bad” cholesterol in the blood also sticks to the walls of the blood vessels due to the action of some bad substances. This is the cause for the phenomena of atherosclerosis, narrowing and blockage.

Smoking is a leading cause of heart disease and stroke. The risk of developing a heart attack is twice as high in people who smoke and are affected by secondhand smoke compared to the general population.

Other diseases

+ Causes rapid aging

Smokers look older than people who are not affected by tobacco. Because smoking changes the skin, teeth and hair, it will change the smoker himself even more. Damaged skin can be caused by lack of oxygen. Damage to collagen and elastin in the skin is also one of the causes of sagging skin and age spots.

+ Decreased eyesight

People who smoke a lot will cause vision loss as they get older. According to scientific research, smoking can double the risk of vision loss. The retinal cells are damaged by the toxins in tobacco. The risk of age-related macular degeneration also increases many times. It can even cause the lens to become cloudy.

+ Yellow teeth

Cigarette smoke entering the mouth causes teeth to become yellow . However, things don’t stop there. People who use tobacco can cause unpleasant odors, thick tartar.

+ Cause asthma

Substances deposited in the lining of the trachea are irritated by smoke inhalation. People with asthma can even trigger a malignant asthma attack by these toxic substances.

+ Erectile dysfunction

Toxins in the drug affect the amount of blood needed, increasing the risk of impotence. Because the blood cannot supply enough to dilate the penis during erection. In the United States, a study was conducted on 2000 men. They surveyed the age group of 40-79 years old. The results showed that those who used tobacco all had erectile dysfunction.

How much do richmond cigarettes cost?

It is not difficult to find richmond tobacco products. It retails for 45,000 VND/pack . In Vietnam, the price of a medicinal plant will be about 450,000 VND / tree (10 Packs, 200 cigarettes).

There are many types of richmond tobacco imported into Vietnam at the present time. Many lovers do not stop hunting for this type of tobacco. From the streets to the luxury shops, there are Richmond imported cigarettes.

Any type of tobacco has its own harmful effects. Richmond is no exception. This is a line of cigarettes hitting the high-end market, including 20 cigarettes with a gentle aroma, very attractive to others. Anyone who uses this tobacco for the first time cannot resist this cigarette. The scent will spread up to 5m each time you smoke. The distance is even longer if in a cold room.

The aftertaste of this type of tobacco is also more attractive than regular cigarettes, especially after sipping a cup of coffee, wine or beer. Any fake tobacco will not be able to mimic this signature flavor. In particular, the product does not cause bad breath. The smell of cherry is still lingering in the mouth after smoking.

The Richmond cigarette is especially luxurious in the hand, unmistakable with any other tobacco. However, it is still a harmful tobacco for users and people around, especially children and pregnant mothers. Worldwide, about 600,000 people die from secondhand smoke.

Above is the necessary information about the Richmond tobacco brand that has made waves in the Vietnamese market. Like other conventional cigarettes, Richmond also causes many significant harms in users, especially affecting the lungs and heart.

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